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Obama, da Bomb-ah

By Owen Paine on Wednesday February 28, 2007 11:19 AM

For what it's worth... it's already over. Obama is the Dem nominee. Any fool can see that Mother Clinton is all but embalmed, like that sad Jayne Mansfield the 16th on the slab down in Florida.

Nope, the race is over, and as often happens, the wiry, intense black dude took first place. Oby-wan has the black vote swinging behind him, and what has St Hill got left but the troops of Fort Zion? And there's no particular reason for them to stick with her, either -- like the Bedouins they enjoy chasing around the wadis, the Zion cavalry will gallop to the oasis with the sweetest water. Lose your donors, lose your chance.

I wonder if she'll even wait to be Muskieed (a la '72) and Humphreyed (a la '60) all at once, in the first spasm of prima-caucal action? Yeah, I think she prolly will, even if she don't need a beating like that. She'll charge into it, get the full robo-soak, and probably not take it well either -- "I guess you'll have mo more Hill-Rod to fuck around with anymore, will ya, guys?"

She won't take the vice gig. She'll be hoping, with some reason, that the drawn booth curtain will Al-Smith the dark-skinned chap, and 12 is her lucky number, anyway.

So who else can veep it? Will the higher wisdom of the party of the people, the whole people, and nothing like the people go full scramble and anoint... Pelosi?! Or pull back to Clark?

Oby-Clark looks like the better bet to me -- keep a mean snake-head cracker lookin' in over Oby's left shoulder, while Wall Street Bobby Rubin keeps a half nelson on the black guy's signing arm.

And there it is, fellow citizens: our land of mile-wide, inch-deep symbolic gestures, with this one nomination, can put paid to the black blood debt. And if the half-African meritoid actually gets Whitehoused to pilot the invisible earth empire -- well then, the tables will be turned, and black folks will owe us big-hearted Caucasians a debt they can never hope to repay.

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PELOSI for VEE PEE? Oh, god, yes! PuhLEEZE!

Please, oh please, oh, pleeeeease. This'd be the most entertaining DP flameout, EVER. It'd be the moment I first dared dream of when the first sorry lot of Donkoids began announcing for '04:


I'll be on the roof with the beer in the cooler, the fatties stoked, the tunes bubbling, and the miniDV cued up and ready to roll on the spectacular crack-up and massive cratering, to be posted to DC Indymedia within the hour.

OP, Godblessya, I think you've finally cracked up.

This 6-Day Wonderbread might be the Pwoggie Saviour of the Internets - but the big DP corporate money is behind St. Hill. And the DP leadership are 4-square behind St. Hill. And the neoliberal network of news ninnies are behind St. Hill. There is no significant support, no real DP clout, that hasn't already thrown in with St. Hill.

Obama's job, as he and his supporters are most assuredly well aware, is to soak up what little funding is leftover. As the annointed Anti-Hillary, it's his job to take the wind out of the other candidates sails. For which valuable service he will receive a nice position in the Clinton administration.

The only real mystery here is, which white southerner is St. Hill going to tap for VP? And will Obama settle for Secretary of State? And what of Jim's love for Laverne? And what about Scarecrow's brain?

owen paine:

Hillary can have the nom
it makes no substantial difference
to the orthrian system

she is hooked into all the right donor interests

she just can't get charm -dope-fool
enough early primary type voters
in my estimation

i was dead wrong about Dukakis in 88
never thought he had the nom
but like an evil twin of 72
wisconsin was the pivot

all vacuous distinctions aside
like who pays how much now and next round
this is basically
the same larger background crowd behind her
duke snoopey had
the left hemisphere of the core
the leverage makers

but these key donors
can shift like the wind
lay off
place side bets
and come any blood in the water

hill is a road accident

run over

first by her own donors racing
to the new champion
then the media smells this big foul breeze
and once the words out
.....donor trouble ..of any sort
they drive back and forth
over the downed candidate
till he/her
are flat as a pancake

best examples
ed in 72
ted in 80 dean in 04

and the black chi hua hua
gives hope....a sort of trinket mass produced hope
a false hope
like hart and jfk

not like gene/dean

or anything like rfk in 68

these all had a very different
sort of hope
a surprise ....a final unwraping
a defiance
some essentially
non orthrian major aspect or origin.....

(or McM in 72
jesse j in 84 but not 88 )

a far horizon suddenly racing
at the pining base

hope in a can is a very dem ish love bird

oby one is just such a contained figment

a new front-tear

by giving him the nom
the party managers and movers show
.....a fearless hope

he's --they calculate ---
a black all in one
other america package

he's what
those two al smith and jfk were
in different eras
to catholic immigrants

a broader bridge to the party center ???


he's a two penny token
tossed to the faithful
both merit black and cubicle white

his is-ness itself
is a costume
one he can't take off
but the brain inside might as well be
a blend of hill and bill

less mommy dearest less doodlin daddy

his face color trumping her ovarian majesty

then again he could be as hollow as
hell itself inside

a soul room
filled with the emptiness
of devouring ambition itself

just like them

owen paine:

i'm not kidding about hill v oby
as a done deal

a fight headed for a pre arranged conclusion

but with oby 'bama
not mother clinton
as the annointed one

need less to say
the grapple betwixt the two
will continue

its too good for both of them
so long as it doesn't go nasty
and that seems unlikely
both camps know
neither can afford to alienate
the other's following
these essentially meaningless
contests between ideological/policy
twins like o and c here
are key to the apparent choice process

the faked uncertainty
a stake
a sense of"ownership"
in the fate
of the candidate rooted for

the choice race
is thus made seductive

it gathers mass it deepens the feelings
as it circles around
going no where

so it must go on
and there fore it will go on


since the best way to fake sincerety is to make it real
surely hill will be the last to know
she's been fucked
but hey
she's already fucked
even if most of her future fuckers
don't yet know it

unless of course
oby one stumbles

and i doubt thatwill happen

his self love exceeds anything her husband had
and his caution exceeds even what she has

the combo will hold him along a line of march
where his personality and blank black sheet of paper
will allow projections of
aspirations fulfilled

the top dogs of the media
( for multipule reasons )
wiill not set their phasers to heavy stun
let alone kill

and the left hemisphere
donor class knows down to its golden roots
this guy
is as close
as reality will ever get
to the perfect incarnation

a totally ghetto proofed
merit class african american man

the harness ready
black redeemer
the party needs
to breath false hope into the hoi ranks

and say he does stumble or the masses don't buy this imitation of hope

one thing is certain
the bigs won't revive st hill

the call will go ...else where

to todays hubert horatio
todays star reliever
waiting modestly in that all green bull pen :

maybe around october they'll put in the call

"start dieting al "

Either could be the nominee but that's not the point, which is to start the primary process early to split the Democratic Party and to take focus off of impeachment and the war.

Hillary may or may not win but the purpose she's serving here is pretty easy to figure out. Neither Obama nor John Edwards has a massive reserve of cash. Hillary came out of New York with just that.

So once it was clear that she was running, Obama and Edwards had to declare early just to have a fighting chance next year with the big donors and corporate interests. The media is now free to focus on the horse race and not the war. Hell, they don't even need the Anna Nicole story anymore.

By the time it's decided it's all over, no impeachment and the war goes on.

owen paine:

the pig race in the second ring
has indeed that aspectof distraction
the multi ring spectacular was invented to conceal lack of quality by great commotion fast changes a instant alternatives

its all very
"sin-urge -istical "
if the whole circus is shodddddddy

the third class trapeze act
swinging back and forth above our heads
all the ton ish flights and graceless flips
the missed bar jumps and flubbed catches

all thats going on and not going on

between the the congo pole
and the white house pole

and yes they do work with a net

owen paine:

i failed to point out the obvious
which is my mission
(agitprop is rephrasing
at least one
of the three points
in the air at any one time )

in this business of show and distract
i consider we all agree the swordplay between the Dem congo
the Bushco white house
distraction in the center ring

so this very early start of the 08 pig race is a distraction
from a distraction

owen paine:

impeachment proceedings like cutting off funding
would not be distractions
even though futile

because they would mobilize and concentrate the base for this actions
a base that might sek alternative
remedies in 08

if only offered
two versionas
"a better managed empire "

obvious point number two

both major party candidates
will run against
the bushco
imperial express to quagmire

quagmire avoiding
being the apple pie policy here

"bring all the helmets home"

this will be a bit like
nixon and rfk ...and
the ultra belated still muffled Humper
all running against LBJ

my guess the repub nom
will find it alot easier
to brake free of bush/cheney
pre convention
by going to bushco's right
on fiscal budget and imperial quag both

then poor fat back blubber mouth
Happy Humpy
the loyalist
could move left around

That's a good point, Stan the K. Several, really. Both St. Hill and Obama Superstar are perfectly acceptable to the DLC and big money corporate donors. I would be hard pressed to name a DLC'er that supports Obama Superstar and, of course, he has none of the big money outside of a few Hollywood mandarins, a nuke power company and the U. of Chi-town. He's certainly made himself obsequiously accessible to the DP elite. But he's fooling himself if he thinks he's going to get anything better than Sec. State.

As for the so called African-American base, they'll vote for whoever has a 'D' after her name. No one seriously thinks any part of the democratic base has the slightest bit of spine, outside of KO$ Kultists and the Pwoggie Bloggies.

Decision - St. Hill in a rigged 1st round KO.

owen paine:

obama does aipac


"My plan ... allows for a limited number of U.S. troops to remain and prevent Iraq from becoming a haven for international terrorism and reduce the risk of all-out chaos"

" In addition, we will redeploy our troops to other locations in the region,
reassuring our allies that we will stay engaged in the Middle East."


In some ways the Democrats even have you guys fooled. By talking about the various canidates as being acceptable or unacceptable to the DLC you're missing the point.

It's the horse race not the horses. Hillary may get it. She may not. Obama might get it. Clark might get it. Gore might get it. But it doesn't matter.

Right now the ruling class is hammering into place the authoritarian state that they built under Bush right after 9/11. Without an impeachment hearing that overturns all of it (especially the military commissions and Patriot acts) it wouldn't matter if Kucinich got the nomination. The results would be the same.

In fact, whoever wins in 2008 has an interesting choice:

1.) Pass the largest tax increase in history to pay for the war.

2.) See the economy fall apart.

It's going to be like Florio with nukes.

But since the Democrats are all obsessed with The Precious (the White House), let me suggest the most suitable candidate.


stan the dlc
is just a hospitality tent

its the donor class left hemisphere
that counts

a candidate running out of their stable
is not necessary
only the annointing is necessary

as to blacks or any other large voting group
labor women hispanic catholics
evangelical whites

the share of each and the mobilization level
of each
if we're in a 8% either way race range

you look to mobilization and swing
i suspect obama will out point hill on most sub sections very soon
he handled the cow tow to zion
(aipac speech)
better by far then edwards

he's not taken the bait from the st hill posse

this guy has legs baby

i doubt any one would be more sceptical
then blacks
and he's cracking them open
if they buy in st hill will hardly roll thru the southern primaries

back to the controlers...

donor class
are necessary but not sufficient

the race is a distraction
the choice may not be

rarely has the donor elite
and its bag folk
lost the national nomination


and since he sank directly after that nom grab so fast and so far
we didn't have to see the romance light switched on
like we saw it switched on
for reagan in september 1980

McG after the establishment blandishments
might well have turned pussycat

owen paine:

ralph does mother clinton

talk about corporate donors ....


"The reasons why Republicans cannot score points against Clinton is that she is so much like them on the key corporate power issues"

"Let a thousand weapon systems bloom was and is her mantra".

"Hillary lets the tax revenues and the tax loopholes grow and the windfalls swell the coffers of big business".

"the junior Senator from New York has done virtually nothing about the business crimes against the poor in her state, especially in the inner city where outrageous interest charges on pay-day loans, predatory lending, redlining, landlord abuses and code violations, lead and asbestos abound."

my favorite anti hamilton project torpedo

"She is a fervent backer of the World Trade Organization and NAFTA"

attention wlamar shoppers:

" she now wants to tweak them (wto nafta)
with some unenforceable labor and environmental qualifications."

call for a four square north /south
dollar drop or your concern
for unfair trade practices' impact on the jobbled american masses
is a phoney

"Republican Party bigwigs ... speak generalities that simply prove the point
that Senator Clinton has them neutralized and nullified by the very brazen scope of her political expediency and opportunism."

amen brother ralph

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