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Show me the money

By Owen Paine on Friday February 16, 2007 11:07 PM

... or rather, show me the polls.

Conventional pwoggie wisdom is that the worst our long-eared representatives are guilty of is cowardice: they cut off funds for the Iraq romp, they pay a price at the polls. But where does that idea come from?

If a fund cutoff translates into lost votes in '08 for the jackassery -- show us what canvassing sample says so, or else I gotta figure you crypto empire donks pulled it right out of your assholes.

Who knows any actual human being who wants us out of Iraq -- but who doesn't want the Dems even trying to pull the plug?

And who in hell wants the troops back? Who wants us to fund a longer campaign there, let alone a buildup? Who? Who?

Show me the numbers, you phoney bastards!

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Like any pollster is ever gonna ask THAT question ... GE has weapons systems to sell!


...Today, we see U.S. soldiers speaking out against this war and organizing against it far earlier than we did during the Vietnam War. Conscientious objectors and war resisters such as Camilo Mejia, Pablo Paredes, and Ehren Watada, veterans groups such as IVAW, military families organizing against the war, and counter-recruitment groups have begun to have a real impact. The military is falling short of its recruitment goals. A Zogby poll last year showed that 72 percent of U.S. active duty troops in Iraq wanted to lave Iraq by the end of 2006 year, and 29 percent wanted to leave immediately, which is remarkable. Instead, we see 21,500 more troops being sent and people’s tours of duty being extended to their third, fourth, or even fifth deployment. In effect, reservists are being subjected to a backdoor draft... -- Anthony Arnove, interviewed by Kevin Zeese, 2/9/07

Welcome to Bizarro World-- Where "Support The Troops" means telling them to shut up and take it.


royal paine:

mad guy of miltonville:

the patrons of the polls

makes a nice investigation

and you're right public polls
or at least publized polls
are carefully restricted to questions
with satisfactory answers

its the private tolling that the f ers set their watches by

and i'll be damned if the pricks can get
a picture of a silly
flip flopping public spoonheadery
on iraqupation

hung up on
the libelously false
bullwinkle tortured conscience rack
going :
"geee we want out ....and pulling the funding might get that started ...but but geee
we want our helmeted kids over there well helmeted...and no money no body armor geeee ...so geeeee so geee blah blah blah "

Brian Miller:

I don't know. One staged (or real) "terrorist" event, and the average American will be slobbering for more bombing. We still honestly believe in American Exceptionalism. If Empire means cheap consumer goods, low interest loans, and plenty of gasoline, who cares how many foreign darkies die? Most Americans can't locate the Middle East or Africa on a map with a legend clearly stating "Africa" and "Middle East."

I think we are perfectly fine with the war, overall. The powers that be just need to tweak the incentives (i.e., excuses) a little better.

owen paine:

brian u sound like
a firm believer in post scarcity

kulack wage whitey

a theory of nationalized
job class
turned into an enabler of empire

big things 40 years ago

but the wage boom has cooled considerably
in the last 35 years

and the middle 60%
are perhaps up for other policy paths

end of empire ???


but a campaign based on
free health
better wages and securer jobs might just
trump the imperial wedge issues
with the swingin mid 20 %

at least enough to make
various circus acts
like the bombing of things less then white

un diverting ???

a culture shift
like the sudden death
of the mass audience for westerns

i say
yup to this shift being afoot

as to fabricated domestic terror

after a few hypo highs
that eventually
might boomerang

"u can't protect us "

lets see if ....

hey the managers of fort zion
have plumbed these limits

more then once


horror brutes beat retreats

Brian Miller:

I hope so, Mr. Paine.

However, throw in the vast growth in toxic megachurches devoted to sustaining the status quo, and I'm not so sure. Remember, 1/3 of the population believes that the earth is 6,000 years old. Progressive issues can certainly reach this group, but the prosperity gospel is a mighty tempting diversion.

owen p:

i've always liked that 6000 number

my guess the state and state society
is prolly about that old
(give or take a couple/few k's )

and their notion of an end time for something about that old fits well with my notion of the end of class society

so for example jehovah's witnesses and i have a lot in common

as you may well know
they believe in a material eden in our future and have no belief the state as a purely human institution
can be mankinds ultimate salvation

common ground at a very deep level indeed

Brian Miller:

interesting interpretation, Mr. P. As an employee of "The State" I hope it doesn't wither away too soon. :)

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