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All ashore that's going ashore

By Owen Paine on Monday March 19, 2007 05:31 PM

I read a lot of corporate news, but this story jarred my pea-pickin, two sizes too small grinch carburetor:


According to the NY Times biz-alarm, the infamous "private equity" company Blackstone may be about to make an IPO.

So what's the whoop here?

When these high rollers decide it's time to dump something on the asshole unsuspecting horde of greedy little rentier rubes and mutual sprawl funds, you can bet they're figuring something big's coming down, and it ain't going to be like an Easter parade -- err, not like any Easter parade other than the first one, anyway.

My guess is, what's out there over our horizon is a huge flock of dollar denominated Frankenstein's monsters, all products of the latest state of the art financial engineering, and these sorcerers figure the lot of 'em are likely to go absolutely berzerk sometime between 6 months and 2 years.

But how come they see it coming and we all don't... yet?

'Cause hell, they built the damn things. I bet they figure it may be too late already even for them -- but given the complexity of these things, much like earthquakes really, fuck it -- it's worth a try.

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Yes, OP.

Post-dotbomb and soon post-housing bubble, the biggest rats will be looking for more cheese.

Enter greater fools, stage right, destined to be rat camembert.

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