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Three stooges

By Owen Paine on Monday March 19, 2007 05:22 PM

Waters, Lee, and Wolsey, the cal-gal trinity -- gotta love 'em, as this LA Times article suggests.


But it's dollhouse politics, pro-forma prog-pond victories that the threesome will win here. Even if the house bill has more draconian bench marks then a swiss butcher's block, no buddy's war mule will get slaughtered on it. The bigger game is already lost, and how is just the latest episode in an old old story: the Senate bars the door.

Hell, the dem congo majority won't even force a prez veto. The dream of a qualified majority beyond partisan reach is irrelevant. Even without the house majority, the war's funding could cease -- but this was ruleed out of the question, despite the obvious fact that the out of Iraq caucus could force a showdown by not voting for the mauled remnants of the Murtha-Pelosi bill. But the progs aren't even willing to force a funding crisis.

So there'll be two bills to blend here, one to come out of each of our two chambers of legislation, but the House bill, whether candle flicker or blowtorch will be snuffed in conference. After the dust settles, Bush will have his war as long as he wants it, and the out of Iraq caucus will look like the beautiful losers they are. And the Bay Area bombers, Nan Francisco and Tom Lantos will still be the cal-gal trio's prog buddies.

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In deference to moderate Democrats wary of tying the hands of the military, (...)

Jesus. Even a simple 12-word clause in the hands of this reporter is a Where's Waldo? of lies, misnomer, evasion and fantasy.

As an antidote to this sort of thing and specifically to Kristol's NY Times Darfur panting, see Mahmood Mamdani's excellent piece in the last LRB.

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