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Clash of the... midgets

By Owen Paine on Sunday March 4, 2007 06:51 PM


After the Hollywood donor dust-up, now there's the sensation in Selma over the black base vote -- all this worthy of the corny, mirthfully ironic hyper-hype that the greatest of them all, Mohammed Ali, put behind his title bouts.

Here mother Clinton and brother Obama make simultaneous dueling speeches over the 42d anniversary of the most televised cracker cop clubfest ever, in Selma Alabama, March '65.

The deal went down in stages: Obama first and foremost, giving the key speech where the various surviving participants will gather. Among other delights, it's church vs church -- black Baptist venue against Afro-Methodist venue. And even more delightful, Obama gets the prestigious Methodie forum, while Hil has to slum it among the Baptists. The bridge crossing re-enactment will be the scene of the two mighty forces merging in ruffled waters -- all for the sake of the suddenly contested and valuable black vote.

Clinton comes off much the more shameless -- and desperate. The best part is that they decided at the last minute to wheel Bill in -- Bill! -- to accept some sort of civil-rights award. Bill! The man who pulled the switch on Rickie Ray Rector, and contributed the phrase "Sister Souljah moment" to our political lexicon.

If he's the best ma C. can do to appeal to the black electorate, she's in some kinda trouble.

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owen paine:

"If he's the best ma C. can do to appeal to the black electorate, she's in some kinda trouble"

i notice this sends one
in the wrong direction

blow me bill
actually occupies
quite an indulgent warm spot
in many many african american hearts

and this despite his vile
no..ruthlessly vile
serial sacrfices
both symbolic and real
both specific high profile
black indivduals
and in broader "black " policy areas

--welfare most notable---

to assuage or re assure or placate

swing whitey

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