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No laughing matter

By Owen Paine on Friday March 23, 2007 04:31 PM

The GWOT hoax has a Brit chapter a good deal deeper than the recent Boston guerilla theatre. Seems to me horribly clear, however, this one, unlike Boston, is unfolding with a rush toward a furious final judgement.

The Wash Post reports:


A man accused of conspiring to bomb London's public transport system in July 2005 told a court Monday that he deliberately made fake devices that were not meant to explode but would spread fear and panic as a protest against the invasion of Iraq.... Muktar Said Ibrahim, 29, said he learned how to make the devices on the Internet, downloading a Web video on which an Arabic-speaking man in a ski mask described how to make explosives from hydrogen peroxide, an easily obtained household chemical...."When I saw how easy it is to make the stuff, the idea came to my head that I could use it to make fake explosives," Ibrahim told jurors at London's Woolwich Crown Court.

I believe him, and he's a hero to me. Recall, this event took place just after the fatal underground bomb attack, and it surely proved the system could not foil bombers, even when on high alert Ibrahim and his group all face a sentence of life in prison if convicted.
Ibrahim, who was born in Eritrea and moved to Britain at age 13, said he was angry about the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and had attended antiwar demonstrations. Finding these had little effect, he said, he decided to take "positive action."
In a related dragnet, Brit cops arrested three more suspects in the "real thing" bombing. Apparently, the authorities are in search of higher-ups, and links to foreign terror rings, that so far have eluded their investigators. Can't get a handle on 'em, eh chaps?

Terrorizing the state security forces, by showing up their holes, is a dangerous game. I recall just a day or two after the bomb attack one Brazilian-born "underground commuter" received about 5 slugs (iirc) while lying on the floor of his ride to work, because he was "acting funny."

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