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All in the family

By Owen Paine on Thursday April 19, 2007 09:29 PM

The heavens part -- Jehovah smiles down on me -- behold this opening graf: http://delong.typepad.com/sdj/2007/04/journamalism_wa_1.html
A friend once told me oh, four years ago, that we would be able to tell when the Democrats are on the upswing: it will be when Robert Kuttner decides that trashing other Democrats--not arguing about the future of a party, not arguing about a good society, not debating honorable adversaries, not thinking about policies, not discussing issues, but simply trashing other Democrats--is his Job #1.

Well, it must be that time.

Robert Kuttner trashes Robert Rubin."

Sometimes justice has its wondrous ways, don't it?

The blog attack is on my close personal liberal friend Bobby the K Kuttner, who only just -- well, it seems like yesterday -- I bashed right here at SMBIVA with my trusty pigs bladder.

And for doing what? For mugging Bobby Rubin, the chef in perpetuity to the Clinton ear of the donkery, yes, boy scout Bobby Bondage, that baker of the flattest of policy souffles.

And behold, the final and consummate beauty of all this blog attack is by none other than Brad Delong himself, my man in the engine room, the Pugsley of the dismal science.

I wish I were George Burns, so I could ring out the last "exquisite' feature in this week's episode. For a guy like me it just don't get any richer than this. Donk egghead frenzy at its finest.

Relish as I do this final Brad Jr bloviation:

Kuttner, you see, is not in the information business. He is in the character assassination business.
Praise the Lord!

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Brad Delong is a very smart and graceful writer, a keen analyst of American culture and society--he is worth, say, ten of David Brooks. But his brand of neoliberal politics is an infantile disorder. Neoliberal politics is, for him, primarily a means of self-expression. The point is not to actually do anything to make the United States or the world a better place. The point is to indulge in public self-therapy.


doctor Anonymous
i concur with your diagnosis
of little brad delong

though he is no longer
under my virtual care
and i therefor have no inside poop
he does seem
to be working through
a few issues lately
if not with much self awareness

symptom :

i notice the appearnce
of his site keeps altering

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