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Brass hats and silk hats

By Michael J. Smith on Thursday April 19, 2007 07:43 PM

Cruising Counterpunch as I'm wont to do, I discover this detailed fact- and figure-bristling update on Ike's military-industrial complex (MIC), all nice enough and very much what one likes to find at the PUNCH, till deeep into the flower bed this bud roused my neck hairs:


Preservation, justification, and expansion of the military-industrial colossus, especially of the armaments industry and other Pentagon contractors, have become critical big business objectives in themselves....

Ya ya ya, we got that fact pretty well clenched between our teeth by now. But then comes this stinker, this extra goosing of we the weebles -- a goose too far, I say: the post claims this bunch of buckos we got today is a new mutation of the old MIC:
.... a new, parasitic U.S. military imperialism .... parasitic because its military adventures abroad are often prompted not so much by a desire to expand the empire's wealth beyond the existing levels as did the imperial powers of the past but by a desire to appropriate the lion's share of the existing wealth and treasure for the military establishment, especially for the war-profiteering contractors.
The fog alert goes off here. Indeed, indeed, the golem Pentagon is running wild these days, and like rape follows ravish, our war profiteering transnational corporations are getting bigger and bigger where it really counts, in their profit crotch. And yes, bulging bottom-line privates look swell to the stock mongers and other sterile whores of Wall Street. And so doubtless, as with most such profit spouts, it'll spiral and keep on spiralling .... for a while. Keep on getting bigger, and since bigger only begets the urge for bigger still.... a bubble rises ....till it pops.

But this ain't no bubble, says our man: its a flesh-eating parasite, a newborn menace, an Ebola of capitalism, an armed insatiable parasite corporate armada on the loose, able now to grab and gobble the world wide wealth of the host complex of complexes, Corporate Globality, Inc.

I don't think so, mate. Makes me recall the same line trotted out to agitate the peaceful Eloi, back in the cold war days, about the nuke complex spiraling in a potlatch of unreason toward Armageddon. We got just the same line here. Didn't make sense then, don't make no sense now, even for capitalism on the booze. This terror terminator complex is an expedient, a contrivance, a slave that might like to devour its master but won't, and can't. Exhibit A: wheres the nuke race now? No it was not a tumor, a cancerous renegade. The nuke race cost Uncle's credit card 3 trillion 2006 dollars, but it served its purpose more or less -- and this current GWOT will serve its purpose too. More or less. if and when it finally don't -- give or take some learning curve and inertia -- the terror terminator complex will go the way of the nuke complex. So why bother to point this out? Because there is no nice imperialism -- no nice transnational corporate system the can be surgically separated from its dirty nasty brother. If nothing else can be learned from the Clintox years, surely its Woodstock imperialism at least should have cured us progs of that lambs-and-wolves fantasy. The clinton pax -- Kosovo a go-go -- thats what the other side of the transnational corporate moon always and inevitably looks like.

So keep on howlin', babe. Keep on hackin' at the five-sided dollar spill. But don't imagine a chastened hord of silk hats might some day descend on the Pentagon pirate fleet and burn it to floating bark. There will be no restoration, no new regime of decent, civil, human, touch-football empiring. That particular holy grail never existed outside St Woodrow's toilet bowl.

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