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Keep the bubble bubblin'

By Owen Paine on Saturday April 7, 2007 07:24 AM

If you broke it, you own it; and if you made it go crazy, it's your duty to contain the bloodshed and misery.

No, I don't mean Iraq, I mean the home lot bubble.

Right now besides a lot of geefs that took a fraudulent flyer on a home too high, there is a vertible armada of mini-landlords sitting on spec property that can't earn its nut in the rental market. We'd be fools to clobber this credit sector and drown these folks in their own debt. Sure the Mr Potters of the nation would like that, but we shouldn't.

My point: watch the rube get tossed out with the dead leaves from the great American lending tree. Reading the blog sites, one finds dozens of Samsons straining to pull the temple down on themselves, just to punish the petty greed and noodle heads out there.

I say bail fast as you can -- pump in emergency soft loans -- save our lot price structure.

Sure it should never happen again but to prevent that, you gotta go after the instigators patrons and facilitators, starting with the Facilitator in Chief, the Pinochet of Shylockery.

Ceterum censeo Alanum esse delendum, as Father Smiff would say.

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Owen's gonna have to explain this one to me. I can't for the life of me see why we should want to "save the [present] lot price structure." Count me with the Samsons -- I want to see this temple cave in big time, and the sooner the better.


A crash would be a killer for the rural folks, and pretty good for the vulture capitalists who stand to clean up on foreclosures.


the father of us all
a Mellonian liquidationist
at least
house lot value wise ????


actually my reasons
have more to do with system wide
job churn
which if it grinds slower
but deeper
turns us waged renters
to powder too

cranking out
debt relief for our fellow hoi polloi
will cause the over nutted
to keep their other spending steady
household credit based expenditures
indirectly cause
up ticks or avoid down ticks
in the job market
a market we all are subject to

we saw during
the recent
over-exuberence (thanx to uncle greenspan)
wjat miracles borrowed hits of temporary bliss
can have on job support
all this could just as easily tank
thru a sudden simultaneous
net worth shrink
and lot fungibility drought

that could lead ...obviously...
to slowed job growth or worse....

a negative that would feed thru the system
and shit on even all us little chipmunks
with secure jobs
butcost of living at least
raises in mind

setting us to just say no
to asking for a raise
out of a prudence based on fear
of growing sack rates
and looming larger
slower replacement job activity

in a phrase
lot deval = greater job scarcity

want to race ever harder
to turn our cubicle wheels
ever faster ???

want to find yourself
the boss to regear our comp
to higher rotations per dollar
cause ..well at least i still have this job

tiny wheels turning little batches of wheels
turning bigger wheels
producing ever more per day
for ever less comp
per chipmunk rotation

yet another mechanical figure:

i hate seeing the captians
of our delightfully soul fulfilling
profit triremes
getting a chance to up the stroke rate
on our rowing
having to offer us
anymore grog


scruggs mentions
the only real winners
in such
a crunch
are the pug uglies
of pop culture infamy

the money mad foreclosers
and their
"work out" thugs

thug for mr potter ???

not a bad gig if you can get it

act two scene two

bed room of sally sawdust

" okay okay ... if i must ...."


arch radical hambone
pea-brained barnum
danny schechtor the shit projector


has his take on the pleb debt trap

too much boo hooing
about the noodle head
roll jobs
that swept thru amerika
the opportunity place's various
prior credit deprived communities
in the last decade or so

and not enough on the middle class
squeezery underway right now

usury is as old as money

but when money itself
is but a credit instrument.....

great new creatures can emerge
from the feverish green minds
of the shylockery

in a way their patron saint
alan of randonia
has left them all exposed like roaches

just before the punch bowl
turned to pure poison

alan bid
farwell to all that

well timed dear ghoul well timed

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