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The Global War On Timber

By Owen Paine on Saturday April 7, 2007 06:53 AM

Will these feverish greedy Han antmen stop at nothing? First it was prison labor, then organ parts -- now, it's clear cutting mother Earth's virgin forests.

Not satisfied with violating humans' rights, now they're busy violating trees' rights, according to the non-alarmist reporters for the daily Washpost, from Siberia to Burma and beyond:

Some of the largest swaths of natural forest left on the planet are being dismantled at an alarming pace to feed a global wood-processing industry centered in coastal China"


Argggh! My druid heart rages! Where's me wee kilty and me pipes? I'll have no more of this! Join me -- in a punitive expedition to Peking!

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and now let's talk about their IP piracy
about time on this one eh ???
and so cometh an attack
led by a lobby even aipac
and the mafia fear

the hollywood studios


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