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Nancy in wonderland

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday May 2, 2007 10:32 PM

Bush's Veto Survives House Challenge

WASHINGTON -- Congress failed to override President Bush's veto of legislation requiring the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq on Wednesday, a defeat for anti-war Democrats that triggered immediate talks on a new measure to fund the conflict.

"I'm confident we can reach agreement," the president said....

Smarter than he looks, that Bush.
Democrats flashed defiance, yet signaled they were ready to make significant concessions such as jettisoning the troop withdrawal timetable ....

"Make no mistake, Democrats are committed to ending this war," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif, said .... "We hope to do so in unison with the president of the United States."

There is certainly one thing they will do in "unison" with the current POTUS, and that is -- continue the war. But Nancy's gnomic utterance intends, of course, to suggest subliminally that they will "end the war" in -- what was the word? -- ah yes, "unison" -- if they have a President of their own party. So keep the faith, dear little pwoggie non-pro-war children, until January of 2009.

At which point, of course, some new excuse will have been found.

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If only we could get the pwogs to hold their collective breath...

...and, coming back to me clear as a bell, from repeated viewings of Her Nancyship's NBC "Today" interview upon being elected Minority Leader, her reply when asked about the then-upcoming war in Iraq:

"...we have stood -- and continue to stand --
shoulder-to-shoulder with President Bush..."

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