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Not just a Sister Souljah moment....

By Michael J. Smith on Thursday May 3, 2007 08:14 AM

... poor Barack Obama seems committed to a whole life of sister-souljah'ing, 24/7:


Obama Reaches Out With Tough Love
Candidate Says Criticism of Black America Reflects Its Private Concerns

Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) is delivering pointed critiques of the African American community as he campaigns for its votes, lamenting that many of his generation are "disenfranchising" themselves because they don't vote, taking rappers to task for their language, and decrying "anti-intellectualism" in the black community, including black children telling peers who get good grades that they are "acting white."

"Anti-intellectualism!" That's rich, isn't it, from a key cog in the great foundry of stultification that is the Democratic Party. And the poor man is so empty of ideas, and so unable to talk about anything real, that he has to campaign against racy language. To think that the party of Jackson has become the party of Seth Pecksniff.

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This will be very reassuring to people who want a little racial healing, but not too much and not taken too far.

Obama has to work extra hard to fit into that middle class politese mode. Maybe he should hire Bill Cosby to manage his campaign.

Did anyone here actually see the foto of him on the front page of the Post this morning, speaking at some church? It looked almost like an album jacket shot: "Rev. Obama Sings The Popular Inspirational Hits, including 'Put Your Hand In The Hand', and 14 Others".

And when I got to the part where he bitches about dirty rap lyrics, I just sort of stood there and smirked at the paper for about five minutes (all before coffee, mind you). So, it's really come to this; he's reduced to taking shots at the Enemy Of The Month.

He must've been living in a goddamn' cave all throughout the rage of racial profiling and police beating in the Clinton Era -- not to mention Hurricane Katrina -- to walk out there in front of African America and scold them for being pissed off about it, and about talking dirty on rap records. What a weak-assed loser.

And, talk about a lack of original thought -- loved that Post headline. "Tough Love"?? P'wahh ha ha ha ha haahhh. What is this, '80s nostalgia week or something? Is Obombirana's next round of campaign ads going to be re-enactments of the "Diff'rent Strokes" episode with Nancy Reagan?


It's an Uncle Tom moment.

Time was, blasting rap was Charlton Heston's game. The day Moses parted the waves of green at the Warner Bros. shareholders meeting to huff about Ice T's Cop Killer, hip hop got a vital boost in suburban white youth consciousness.

Today as noted recently on Counterpunch, white exurban teens buy 80% of it. It's the answer to their perennial problem: finding the surest way to piss off adults.

Slamming hip hop from the pulpit, Obama is "reaching out," all right, but not to black voters. He hopes to reach those white parents in mall and subdivision land who imagine him to be 50 Cent with less muscle mass and crisper enunciation. He's saying, not to blacks but to Mr. and Mrs. Bob Dobalina, Don't worry. I'm straight outta Comptrolla's office.


as a fan of the black jfk analogue

imagine if the estabishment required mattress jack
to scold his fellow catholics on their
sedulous adherence
to say .....

that 19th century loon-acy
what is it ...???
oh ya

" papa ex catheder in fallatio est "


recall the choco dead jesus ???

oby IS
the choco-risin' jack

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