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Lantos alert

By Owen Paine on Thursday June 14, 2007 11:46 AM

Thus the Count:


"Communism was not the only monstrous phenomenon determined to destroy free and open societies," said Lantos, who is chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Lantos, a Holocaust survivor, said he had fought against Nazism and communism, and "it is now my privilege to fight against Islamic terrorism determined to take us back 13 centuries."

Our man made this final fusion of fiends at the dedication of Washington's wonderful new bronze replica (shown left) of the Tiananmen students' famed "Sister Freedom" statue, which was itself a clumsy papier-mache copy of the Statue of Liberty. The CIA needs to recruit more art students, obviously -- this monstrosity was clearly cobbled together by a cabal of aspiring MBAs and computer programmers.

Much here to rechew, isn't there, for all us thoughtful ruminants. Casting the silly thing in bronze certainly ups the kitsch factor of the original. Nicely mirrors the degeneration of the idea of liberty itself.

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Whoooooo-aa, Tommy boy. Steady, big fellow. Whoooaaa.

In other news:

Tim D:

Oh my god! That's what they got for $650,000!? Man, I expected something far more grandiose, and dare I say it, Stalinist than that. I mean it's supposed to be representing the slaughter of 100 million people!!!!!! I wonder how long it took them to settle on that number, by the way?

Anyone every read Blum's comment on this thing in his anti-empire report?


totalitarian minds
require totalitarian memes
to retain various forms
of ortho self
or greater other or holier other or or ...

world historical
actualizing motives

pluralistic minds
like american minds are
need no stinking totalizations

our heads are endemic

we can act for and against ourselves
or any target othersfor that matter
"no big problems "
even if uncle sam extinguished
a billion souls

we'd never sense a need
to add em all up

the causes and methods and times
were all so
"completely " different


That thng looks like it's made out of poor quality choclate. Won't it melt in the Washington humidity?

I'm not at all sure I like the anime version of the Statue of Liberty. And why is Count Lantos posing with Marth Rae's evil twin sister?

You eeeediot.

That's not Martha Raye, that's Shari Lewis! See, how she's got Lambchop in her lap?

Wait a second...
That's a dog?

Oh, damn.
Never mind.


sister liberty is for st hill

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