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taxation and misrepresentation

By Owen Paine on Monday June 18, 2007 11:34 AM

Even old Paul Krugman knows that when it comes to globalization, our great inter-income bracket reshuffle and deal isn't really between the bottom 80 and the top 20 -- it's more like all us geefy sucker-class 99ers are getting the rat-towel ass-flick from that enterprising top one percent.

But there's no end of fallback diversions. Handy exhibit, from the WSJ:


Bush adviser and prof at the famed Amos Tuck school of bizzzennnesss -- obviously both a scholar and a gentleman -- suggests that to reduce inequality, Uncle just up the payroll taxes on the above median wage workers and eliminate them on the bottom half.

Nice, eh? It's right out of the Greg Mankiw school of Mephistophelian grand rube bargains. One hopes even that Solomon of top decider-presumptives, St Hill, won't jump on this poison class wedge remedy. Doesn't seem likely. She might possibly just restore the status quo ante -- slap back on the Clinton 200k-plus tax rate structure, and administer a little whack to the top -- what, 5%? Not exactly the merit-class breadbasket, but surely its hubris elite.

What none of 'em will do is whack the donor class, with reversals of all the "incentivizing" tax cuts her hubbie and George Jr gave the capital-gains club.

Ahhh them one-percenters -- they sure can rock!

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another fall back position

forget the envy ..its a sin

ignore the rich bastards
cavorting around
up there
on the big flat panels
they're an "epipheno "

the extra 7 % of social income share
the one percenters now extract
from us bottom 80s

over the last 30 years
ain't it been fun ??

just ask yourself

what better bizz wizards
could we pexpect
all things bold and global considered

by super taxing these wonders
its like beating up our own dreams

and btw
didn't these top oners
by innovation and risk taking
and opportunity grabbing

bring us straight here to today ???

and aren't we all better off
then we were back there
30 years ago before
ipods and genetic engineering ....

errr at least most of us are ..errrr ...not worse off
..errr not much worse off.... right ???

take about a no brainer....

even for substance abusers
hope for a cure grows everyday

and the next generation ...our childreeeeen ???

especially for those born after 1977
won't your kids fulfill your dreams ???

won't they all become one percenters ????

key meme here

opportunity churning the top

our keeds can all be ...dracula for a nite

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