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Bag it, Bageant

By Owen Paine on Monday July 16, 2007 09:42 PM

Just read an interview with Joe Batshit, whom Joshua Frank apparently, and disappointingly, takes more seriously than he deserves:


This guy Bageant is a pageant of frauds. Take this sum-up on the prospects for America's pantomime class struggle turning to war mode:

I don't think that will ever happen, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't keep up the fight. I think so-called terrorism and ecocide may tear down the system for us, though.
Political inaction has its square-one excuse when change is probably impossible, doesn't it?

Joe presses on:

Danger has no favorites!
(Having that level of phrase lilt in ya prolly gets you published.)
The good old days of "the teeming masses," that sweat-soaked, beer-farting mob of working class Americans who didn't have a pot to piss in, much less a credit card, but instinctively knew fascism when they saw it, are over
Oh no, there's that old high-60's chestnut again -- the post-scarcity white prole libel!
Seattle in 1999 may not happen in the states again. We have all become an artificial product of corporately "administrated" modern life.
Always, always, when you least expect it, Clio pulls the rug out from under the never-again poundcakers. Or as Joe himself sez: "Life has a funny way of making us eat every word."

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I take it living in a hut on the beach enjoying the primitive folk mores of the local colorful natives is not your end all of existence, either?


right u are sir

i say plunge into the stanic marl
swim in the muck of today's

join the to-ing and fro-ing

when the boss fro's
and fro
when he to's

lay waste your powers
on the installment plan
battling the ex-class elements

personal salvation
(let alone
questing for
personal fulfillment)
is strictly for
re-actionary prats


I think Joe is basically right about a lot of things. For one, he's nailed it when he talks about widespread identification with a magical "middle class". And here, ah!

The only real middle class is that thin layer of commissars, lawyers, teachers, journalists, and other caterers to the empire, those people necessary to manage it and count the beans, dumb down the kids and lock up enough people to keep the privatized gulags in business.

Truer words would be hard to find.

He's also right when he says people are looking to purchase adult political individuation. That's not commodification of it, per se. It's loneliness and a desire to be with people on a non-threatening, non-mindfuck basis. The only reliable interactions on a large scale, with any understandable ethics, all come from pseudomarkets. They're easy to bail from when things don't work out. There's always another within a short distance. Our remedial or progressive institutions are almost useless. The petty power struggles in them make attendance an exercise in futility and participation a dull, neurotic, control freak joke. The virtuous non-smokers, with something to live for, have even dipped the loving, nurturing tentacles of the iron nanny state into the bars they'd never go to, not even as undergrads. There's nothing too picayune for Mother Clinton's brood.

Now I don't think he's going to get any distance from the corporate administered life in a shack in Belize. The raw face of power doesn't bother with niceties where there are no weeping mini-aristos for the cameras. Those accessible remote places are where you get shot or get endocrine disruptor toxins poured into you when a rational maximizer takes an interest.

Give him a break, please do, Owen. He's trying to teach our yuppie brat supervisors how to play nicely with the help. Who knows? They may even work up the courage to fund the NLG properly after reading his book.


"He's trying to teach our yuppie brat supervisors how to play nicely with the help"

absolutely correct sir
a call
to observe their
hideous self reflection

but dash it all
even listened to voltaire and rouseau

often ....too often
it takes a choppin block
to get the full attention
of any old regime's classy winners

and i agree
joe's prose
nicely if not concisely
bright lines
" the thin layer "of meritoids
the YBS
is dead on

very fine comment in general

especially this gem

"the only reliable interactions on a large scale, with any understandable ethics, all come from pseudomarkets "

the line
makes me jealous
of its mighty bolt cutter finality

so what then
is my deepest bug on badge ???

i guess i hate his appealing
brand of wised up futility

like i hate lapham's

to "heartfully"
is not

let's brake
the big bills down
to pocket size
make change rain down
out of capital's paper prison

and oh ya as lord brian notices
there's joes self banishment

i revulse at his go go go gogant flight
to the nearest farthest
imperial periphery

the trailer park coriolanus
shouting with his feet
"no rome i banish u "
a bogus swamp frog of a croak

i even prefer melville's ahab

and there i suspect
dear sir
we two
obviously differ in spades

so i'll just
go suck
a municiple drain pipe
as penance

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