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What's the matter with... Democrats?

By Michael J. Smith on Tuesday July 17, 2007 08:03 AM

Here it is, in a nutshell (read on till you get to the bold face type):


AP Poll: GOP pick is 'none of the above'

And the leading Republican presidential candidate is ... none of the above.

The latest Associated Press-Ipsos poll found that nearly a quarter of Republicans are unwilling to back top-tier hopefuls Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, John McCain or Mitt Romney, and no one candidate has emerged as the clear front-runner among Christian evangelicals.....

In sharp contrast, the Democratic race remains static, with Hillary Rodham Clinton holding a sizable lead over Barack Obama....

"Democrats are reasonably comfortable with the range of choices. The Democratic attitude is that three or four of these guys would be fine," David Redlawsk, a University of Iowa political scientist. "The Republicans don't have that; particularly among the conservatives there's a real split. They just don't see candidates who reflect their interests and who they also view as viable."

Comfortable? Range of choices? We may have to re-think the question of just who is, after all, the Stupid Party.

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Digging a little deeper into this comment, it seems to mean that Republicans have strong opinions and realize that none of their candidates clearly represent those opinions, whereas Democrats have no or weak opinions, and are only interested in their candidates as tv images or consumer products.


Oh, please! The Democrats are the only political organization that could produce such a broad range of acceptable candidates; any of one of them might, had life called in a different voice, be eligible for a MacArthur Fellowship. So, okay, none of them could come out of a Lapham interview looking all that good and none save Al Gore could follow LBO Talk with any understanding. But in a world full of cretins set loose to run vastly complicated machinery, in which we might look in the mirror and ruefully contemplate the indequacies -- the very human indequacies, I hasten to add -- of the people around us, dont you get just a little sense of comfort from knowing that the Democratic candidates -- all of them, every one -- are articulate, clean and competent? They're fungible. And the somewhat savvier target demographic, bless their hearts, knows that viscerally and intellectually.

They can take pride in this visceral understanding. They've worked hard for it. I fully epxect PIPA to produce another study demonstrating their superior awareness of the ultimate candidate's platforms. Granted the platform is all talking, but in the final analysis this awareness is somewhat hopeful. Eventually cognitive dissonance will build to the point where only a true progressive stands a chance.


we read of an odd inertness
among the donk bases
so far as the press reflects (or redacts )
'em anyway

no deep thirst for
a peter the hermit
like clean gene
or a punk
like rfk

'08 ain't '68.2 so far

the ability of our
one eyed two headed empire
to self right its gone wrongery
the latest bad boy "over there "
is not trusted
the bulk
of the lesser head's
base pad
..of course not

but the orderly transfer
from business suit to pant suit
will be endured

pay no attention
to the anger on the .... fringe

press wise reported anyway
this seems
onto our
at once
on the utter paltroonery
of our
dem-dom congress
not at our full shelf
of four inch dildo
dem-prez candidates

so far so far anyway

maybe as i've hoped
till our great mother
barry clinton
presumptively annointed
by a bright stream of official looking
jackass piss ....
of course we must wait patiently
till this coming winter
to find out eh ???

but alas
even that has
a pre scripted
rival shaggy dog faux usurper
sitting in the wings in el goro

if the chocolate whore
and shampoo john
fall in the same dark hole of "so the fuck what"
st hill obviously has awaiting her
when its a done deal
in the lefty crowds mind.....

the nixon progress of 68
was as easy and as stale
and ultimately it was rewarded with victory
despite george wallace

how 'bout
a rupture in chicago .2 ????

more likely at the wrong convention
more likely
a city scourging
yahoo right rampage
with lynched undocs and
torched gay- chinese restaurants

imagine st hill's look after
a nice dose
that brand
of bare backed rascalry

ahh i dream ...

face it mates
absent an actual plant destroying
jobblery rebellion
among our mid west
industrial prolery
how could any one
the tower trolls calm sleep

for now anyway ....

looks like a clean pass of the baton

but who knows what lurks
awaiting its cue up ahead
come scene n + 1
the great bard in the sky's
world-script .....

such is our plight

we have only
a handful of
-- sadly problematical--
of how it all must end
even these few
are fuckin damn figurative ....eh ??

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