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The Cindy Sheehan Reunion Tour...

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday July 25, 2007 12:19 AM

... At least Pink Floyd waited a little longer. Mike Flugennock writes:
Looks like Cindy "Peace Mom" Sheehan has already emerged from retirement to take on Nancy "Stepford Wife" Pelosi in an Electoral Steel Cage Death Match guaranteed to excite, inspire, and waste the energy and resources of the US peace "movement" for months on end.

The usual suspects were on hand -- Code Pink, After Downing Street, Hip Hop Caucus, plus the usual gaggle of 9/11 Tr00th freaks and the ubiquitous Free Republic Peanut Gallery. Medea The Movement Pie Taster was present, but conspicuously quiet and low-profile.

Check out the video highlights of the day's event, minus the visit to Conyers' office and subsequent arrests because...well, fuck it. It's not changing anything, and it's not news anymore.

I mean, jayzus, how long do you want to keep on visiting politicians' offices and being blown off and arrested and expecting something different to happen each time? For freakin' ever, I suppose, as it's apparently time for one more round of beseeching the Congress and beseeching the Democrats and beseeching Pelosi and beseeching Conyers and basically beseeching 'til you're blue in the mouth and being ignored...again.

Come on over, baby, whole lotta beseechin' goin' on.

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Egad! I didnt know Cindy hung out with such a disreputable crowd!
Still, if Cindy does run against Pelosi I will definitely work for her -- just for the spite value.

It's a good thing Medea is there to torpedo the whole thing when it gets too hot for La Nan. I predict she'll be yanking the rug out from under Cindy right around the end of next August.

Re: Sheehan vs. Pelosi: while my editorial position is that the electoral process in this country is just a big, fat, bloated re-enactment of a 1944 USO Spectacular, and a corporate cash mobbed-up waste of time, still...I wouldn't even care whether or not Cindy "won" Pelosi's House seat, just as long as I get to see the look on Pelosi's face as she realizes her wing of The Party has just been torpedoed by the first of what I hope will be a wave of Political Suicide Bombers taking down the metaphorical Twin Towers of the Demopublican Party.

That said, I really do wish to hell the US Peace Cargo Cult...uhh, Movement... would quit pissing away its time, energy, resources and emotional capital on "elections", impeachment inquisitions, and other grindingly slow mainstream political machinations. I can't begin to describe how embarassed I am that the Movement's apparently been handed down to a bunch of fiftysomethings like myself who were taught a load of guff about working within the system for change, by our high-school government teachers back in the early '70s. Ugh.

Re: Into The Pink, I spotted Medea milling about the crowd before the speeches began at Arlington Cemetery, and when I got close enough, I'd roll on her just in case she said something interesting that wasn't intended for public consumption at the IMC, but no dice. She pretty much kept her lip zipped and her face out of projectile range. She gave no speeches, not even any "remarks"; a grand total of one time did she even touch a bullhorn, on the procession to Capitol Hill, to start up a chant of "This is what democracy looks like!"

(No, sorry, Medea, that was not what democracy looked like; that was what a bunch of naive activists going to liberal politicians with their hats in their hands and getting nothing but the threat of arrest looks like.)

As far as a disreputable crowd goes, no -- Cindy was not hanging out with the Free Republic Fascist Peanut Gallery; those doorknobs were across the street with even cheaper bullhorns than ours, attempting to lead passersby in a lusty rendition of the Pledge Of Allegiance and being drowned out by jets (the Arlington rally point was right under the National Airport approach pattern -- and I mean, right under it).

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