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You can't make this stuff up

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday July 25, 2007 12:29 AM

Bono, HUD Secretary to share stage

U2 front man Bono is everywhere these days.... the rock star plans to attend the Mortgage Bankers Association's convention in Boston this fall....

Bono -- perhaps best known these days for browbeating world leaders into doing something about poverty and AIDS in Africa -- won't be performing at the MBA convention. He'll be delivering a sermon... I mean the keynote address.

Hmmm... suppose he'll touch on the problems in subprime lending? Or just deliver a standard "call to action" pitch to enlist support for his "One Campaign to Make Poverty History"? It's easy to make fun of Bono's sunglasses, but the guy IS practically a saint.

Saint is maybe a little strong, but the guy has definitely become a kind of clergyman. "Sermon" is exactly correct. He's in effect the secular chaplain to a parish of world-plunderers who are willing to sit relatively still for a hour or so under a tepid shower of pious generalities, for the sake of feeling cleansed and shriven afterwards.

The other thing that's a little strong is that line about "browbeating world leaders into doing something about poverty and AIDS in Africa." What exactly has yer man browbeaten these unspecified "world leaders" into doing?

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is for the best world
that can possibly exist
by what .....resignation ???
retains its mighty aweful trans nats

hence if you won't try to beat em
you become a second best solution
u become their " secular chaplain "
and subject their agents
spear carriers
wives and children
" a tepid shower of pious generalities..."


a better head writes

"revolution is a change which breaks the old order to its very foundations,
and not one that cautiously, slowly and gradually remodels it, taking care to break as little as possible "

and this he writes
as he urges on a turn to ...reform

no petty rad raver he

This is sad. This is really frickin' sad.

Here we are at a time when we could really use John Lennon and a much-younger Bob Dylan, and who have we got?

Susan Sarandon and Bono.

Somebody, please kill me now.

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