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Lest we forget

By Owen Paine on Wednesday September 5, 2007 10:11 PM

I'm tired of the recent recession chatter on the left.

We're "headed into a recession"! A recession? Fuck, we're killing the planet here, for Crissake. What, for the broad middle horde of us, is so much worse about any recent US "recession" than the bright lights of the Clinton miracle?

Mates, I say we stick to the systemic pathologies here, and leave the market's weather reports to Wall Street. Lets hammer on the basics. You know -- all the way from simple surface bread and butter stuff like our chronically stinko job market -- like our 30 year siege of pea peck raises, even in the best of times, even when we have a prez from Hope.

That, and all the way up to hideous disfigurements of our oversoul -- deeds so ghastly we all should pay for it blood some day. You know -- stuff like our perpetual imprisonment of the black nation.

Recession coming... please!

Editor's note: "Oh shut up, Paine."


Real editor's note: You're finally coming round to my way of seeing things, Owen. Ruat caelum!


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