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Vicisti, Zionista

By Michael J. Smith on Thursday September 6, 2007 10:35 AM

The unspeakable Alan Dershowitz's ongoing vendetta against Norman Finkelstein has succeeded in hounding Finkelstein out of a job at DePaul. One would have thought that the Catholic Church, if any institution on earth, might have been able to stand tall against the Zionist thought police, but apparently not so. I was struck by one passge in a news item on Finkelstein's last day at DePaul:


As the professor left to consult with his lawyer, students picked up placards with slogans like "Norman Finkelstein, Target of Hate Campaign," "Norman Finkelstein, Righteous Jew," and "Fight Academic Terrorism," and marched to the offices of DePaul's political-science department.

There the protest gathered steam, and adherents. Well over 100 students-- most from DePaul but a handful from nearby Columbia College Chicago -- as well as some faculty members and local residents, joined in chanting, "Stop the witch hunt. Tenure now," as city police officers attempted to keep them from disrupting traffic.

Aha! The cops said the magic word.

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magic word link broken?


Works for me. Should go to my "stop traffic" essay from earlier this year. What do you get, link?

tim d:

Yeah the link is broken when I try to look at it as well.

By the way, speaking of Zionist campaigns:


Of course, the Democrats, as always, played their indispensable role in this latest brownshirts campaign:

With the Post slander campaign, the right-wing Zionist effort to victimize Almontaser and scuttle the school picked up support from leading New York City Democrats. City Council member Peter Vallone Jr., for example, piped up with, "This shirt should read, I promote terror."

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