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Grease the geezers

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday October 17, 2007 08:23 AM

Barack Obama's latest brainstorm:


He also called today for eliminating income taxes for seniors making less than $50,000.
Well, why not? We've been robbing the young for the benefit of the old for years -- most notably, through the decades-long runup in house prices. A stunt like this might just possibly bribe a few more doddering Pere (and Mere) Goriots to pull a lever the right way.

Sometimes it really does seem that the lunatics are running the asylum. This suggestion on Obama's part appears to have passed without much notice. Where's the outrage? How could any sane person justify lifting taxes on "seniors" and keeping them in place for people who have kids to support?

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its part of our gen scam father ...

we woodstock boomers plan
never to die

not 'till iron spikes are driven
our foreheads will our aquarian spirit
this browning planet

plato's cave:

"How many seniors?" I, for one. But I'm willing to be fair. How about just not taxing social security payments? They're not even paying us with real dollars anymore! And, you may not know it, but that great Medicare coverage that we get costs about 10% more each year, until finally it's about the same as a bad COBRA policy. And our medical expenses are twice or five times what a forty year old's is.

I think Obama's the greatest guy in the world, and I'm going to vote for him, although I'm waiting to see if anyone else beats his offer!


plato's calf

your not the problem pal
if your as old as you think

WE of woodstock are the problem
WE will live on and on and on

still 70 million strong
passing 93
cohort by cohort
un-digested un-expelled
alive alive alive
wandering stilt like around town
air head zombeees
demanding our rights
on our automated


"How could any sane person justify lifting taxes on "seniors" and keeping them in place for people who have kids to support? "


kids are for tricks
tax tricks fee tricks forex tricks
not fluffy
hat rabbits

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