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Triumph of the Will

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday October 17, 2007 08:12 AM

I never thought the day would come that I'd have a good word to say for George Will, but I gotta admit he tagged dear Hillary pretty well recently:


Clinton's idea for helping Americans save for retirement is this: Any family that earns less than $60,000 and puts $1,000 into a new 401(k)-type plan would receive a matching $1,000 tax cut....

George W. Bush made this case in his advocacy of personal accounts financed by a portion of individuals' Social Security taxes and invested in funds based on equities and bonds. When he proposed this, Clinton stridently opposed him....

Today her Web site calls her proposal a way to save for "a secure retirement." After an undisclosed epiphany, she belatedly recognizes that 401(k) funds invested in equities are a foundation for security.

Hillary is nothing if not consistent. Her idea for health care (a variant on what J Alva Scruggs calls "Romneycare") is to force people to buy insurance. I suppose we can be glad that we won't be forced to buy retirement accounts; we'll have the choice of giving the money to the Pentagon instead. In both cases, however, her proposals involve a massive giveaway -- on the one hand, to the insurance moguls, and on the other, to Wall Street.

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i'm flabber gutted father

hell i'd worship
at mother clinton's
brassy shrine
naked and uncombed
every mid day for a year
before i'd spare george will
even a moments peace
from the eternal reiteration
of nerve by nerve rasp and peel
he's bound
to win as his full reward on Judgement Day


"I suppose we can be glad that we won't be forced to buy retirement accounts; we'll have the choice of giving the money to the Pentagon instead "

the Pent borrows all it needs

in a world made open to trans nat zap attacks

umble jobblers
are fed
forced prudence
forced mutual support
forced lot debt
forced longer ed

forced ...etc

a neo lib virtue
for job class geefs :
take the corporate rips
and pass the nasty consequences
around among ourselves

winged knot Rx
pass the shit
all down
to the ....OTHER


Owen -- The latest update of Smith's Inferno features Hillary and George clamped together, face to face, inside one of those stereotactic frames they use for delicate brain surgery. That's all. No boiling sulphur, no endless tape loops of political oratory, nothing like that. Just an eternity of staring into each other's flabby, soul-rotted faces.

I'm rather proud of this. It's much subtler and more refined than my usual over-the-top sadistic fantasies -- and much crueler.


yes more sartre then sadist

dante oughta sign you up
for his update

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