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I got your buyout, right here

By Michael J. Smith on Friday October 26, 2007 06:56 AM


Dennis Kucinich, alone among the Demo contenders, wants universal single-payer health care. But even he, it seems, feels that the insurance companies ought to be "bought out" by the taxpayers.

Why? What's to buy? If you condemn somebody's land for a road, I can see it. But the Kucinich scheme is more like compensating TV broadcasters for building the Internet. You compensate people when you take their property, not their customers.

Personally, I can't think of a group I'd sooner see left high and dry than the insurance companies. -- Well, maybe hedge funds. And anybody in the real-estate business.

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maybe those pass the buck hives
are as useless as
a super stock jock strap
on a summer knat
but ...
if not
really health providers
they are serious job providers....

ao why not bypass these stinking corporate sumps
and instead
just have uncle
to hire
all their
paper trail brigades directly

get me ???

nationalize the jobholders
not the stockholdings

put em all on
the gub's single payer payroll

save the jobs directly

"you're all hired "

the set ups that would insue
won't be any the less
" a waste "
and no more redundent
then all these thousands
" private university " administrations
we got pepperong the nationscape these days
providing respectible non profit
harm min moderately gainful employment
for an equally
bloated gaggle
"nice white shirt folks "

i say we forget any comp
for lost private profit streams
fuck em the rent suckers
deserve a spear up their ass
but the ass hole innocent jobblers

see the politics here gang ????

why threaten all those voters
with a career ending reform


got lemon socialism ???
make political lemonade

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