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Sell high, er, aim high

By Michael J. Smith on Thursday October 25, 2007 09:50 AM

An amusing juxtaposition of headlines from The Note this morning:


Des Moines Register's JENNIFER JACOBS: "Clinton exhorts women to aim high, speak out"

Des Moines Register: "Clinton defends taking money from lobbyists"

An old friend of mine, a feminist of the early-70s, in-your-face, armpit-hair variety, introduced me to the concept of "free alterations feminism." This was her shorthand for the kind of "feminists" whose social critique came down to the fact that upper-middle-class (and higher) women didn't get as many goodies as their male counterparts -- e.g. free alterations for their power suits at Brooks Brothers.

Talkin' 'bout my generation... Hillary is surely the type specimen of free-alterations feminism. To this sad consummation our high hopes have come.

What happened to my friend, you ask? She's a bond analyst* these days. Drives a Mercedes.


*This phrase always summons a mental New Yorker cartoon to my mind's eye: bond on the couch, tweedy chap with a goatee and round steel-framed glasses taking notes. I've never been able to think of a good caption. They always start out, "Tell me more about your...", but then my ignorance of the bond market keeps me from closing the deal.

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bond chick on couch version

"tell me more please
in your dream job
just what is it you bond "


bond punish with paper version

guilt security leaning back
as if sunning self
cringing goateer

"tell me please mr bond
in that wish fantasy
just who's ....holding on to you "

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