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By Owen Paine on Tuesday December 4, 2007 09:37 PM


"Digby" is a dope. Read the bit URL'd above, and see just why her beloved demo-pots and the hideous repuli-kettles ought to join forces in one big "black pig iron is beautiful" campaign.

Here's Digby, in blistered paraphrase: the evil top-railers use "public relations" to "hypnotize" the blanched shlub-oisie plurality with the immigro menace.

And why is this possible?

The shlub-oisie are "racist", of course. Play to their dark side and.... It's the old chicken and a snake trick, works on 'em every time, or at least enough of 'em enough of the time.

Mission of mass pop hypnosis: get the dumbo nasty haunch of the plebocracy to vote the straight and narrow biz class ticket -- what Digby weirdly calls, interchangeably, the "conservatives" and the "aristocracy". For Digby, it's all about the modern sorcery of "public relations" with its Newspeak "messages", i.e. word bites carefully crafted out of twisted factications, and repeated over and over to the demento rubery.

Digby of course has a little PR 'message' of her own, admittedly not a very jazzy one: "It's only a movie... it's only a movie... it's only a movie.... You're being fooled, you fools!"

So what would Digby have the rubes do, once they leave the theater? What's the alternative to "conservative" and/or "aristocratic" rule in her earnest little brain?

Do you have to ask? What else but the freakin' other hand of the same Freakenstein bipolar politics?

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I'd rather not crack my noggin with a ballpeen hammer, so I'll take your word on the contents of said recipe.

Not only is it slimy in all the ways you manifest, but like most disingenuous schemes it wouldn't yield the consequences it envisions even if (and that's a big if) it were initially successful.

It's as if the lessons of 1994 pseudo-populist backlash, this time sure to take on a Dobbsian coloration, whirlpooled down the memory hole.


"1994 pseudo-populist backlash"

i like that compression

indeed the people in their sublime
biz fiend brain washed

rid us
" the fuckin' can't
and won't do dick for us weebles "
but ...
its backkkkkk their backkkk
ready to promise us butter
and delivery us Promise


Politics, for the wingnuts, is an infantilized disorder. I thank god every day that Common Future for Our Sense offers a passive aggressive, hot and cold running accommodationist resistance. Through churlish yet eager acquiescence, they heighten the differences by flatlining them, thus injecting a double dose of PoMo relativist irony into the final capitulation. It's much more clever than, say, throwing frozen chickens off bridges or heckling school crossing guards. They're easier on the chickens, kinder to the guards.

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