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"Substantive differences"

By Michael J. Smith on Friday February 22, 2008 10:18 PM

Wish I Had Written That Department:


The candidates themselves think that their positions on health care are, as Obama said last night, “substantively different.” Indeed. Clinton’s plan makes people who are unemployed or don’t receive insurance from their employers buy government insurance that they can’t afford so that they can pay copays they can’t afford so that they can maybe eventually receive care from a doctor. Obama wouldn’t make people buy government insurance and take on the burden of premiums and copays, but if they don’t and they show up at an emergency room to receive treatment, they will be fined, severely, as he made clear last night. These are the politics that are inspiring such great passion among Democrats this year.

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All lifted straight from Romney's Massuchusetts, too, no?

No wonder Hillary's running. She finally has that safe "program" to sell, after her service on behalf of Managed Care back in 1993.


attention must be paid
a point may be missed here

the med premium draft
for healthy youths is a stinker

to keep out of the pool
if i'm sub 30 and fit as a bull fiddle

i'd take a chance on uncle's fine

no big threat

let the adverse selection begin i say

free ride brothers and sisters
of the millenial generation
till uncle caps the med sector
price wise
and that goes
for higher mister ed too
while he's at it

otherside of the fence thought:

uncle's really gonna
try to collect a fine
from some poor raw soul
unlucky enough
to get struck down
while still
in apparent perfect health
by the fates ??

i doubt it

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