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Principalities and Powers

By Owen Paine on Wednesday February 20, 2008 11:15 AM

Whither der Barack's Sudweltpolitik? Behold one pair of eyes and ears in Obie's global vision system, the demitasse glamghoul Samantha Power:

Samantha Power pinup

A kinder, gentler -- Condi?

To help guess at the shape of things to come in Obam-America, vigilante Tim D offers us this choice prefigurative find


It's a spirited defense of conventional imperial wisdom against the onslaughts of one... Noam Chomsky. Sample:

For Chomsky, the world is divided into oppressor and oppressed. America, the prime oppressor, can do no right, while the sins of those categorized as oppressed receive scant mention. Because he deems American foreign policy inherently violent and expansionist, he is unconcerned with the motives behind particular policies, or the ethics of particular individuals in government. And since he considers the United States the leading terrorist state, little distinguishes American air strikes in Serbia undertaken at night with high-precision weaponry from World Trade Center attacks timed to maximize the number of office workers who have just sat down with their morning coffee.

It is inconceivable, in Chomsky's view, that American power could be harnessed for good. Thus, the billions of dollars in foreign aid earmarked each year for disaster relief, schools, famine prevention, AIDS treatment, etc. -- and the interventions in Kosovo and East Timor -- have to be explained away.

Guided by a quick read, I might suggest that its restrained Ivy-league style of Chomsky-bashing on behalf of Uncle Hegemon's interventions may demonstrate she's just the gal for all those soft but still rainy seasons ahead.

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Michael Hureaux:

Damn. It's almost like being witness to the degeneration of the second international in the years before the first world war- except even the second international had factions that understood the destructive force of imperialism better than the average corporate liberal does.


always last on first off
the dance floor
i just stumbled onto this
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"the emerging battle between
'corporate globalization'
and 'imperial globalization' "

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mutt and jeff act

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what a gagenstunkshaften ersatzen
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good rendering OP. i would just add that, what really frightens me is that i think she seriously believes this, which makes her very, very dangerous indeed...

(by the way, where'd you find that picture?)

... the intervention[] in ... East Timor ... [has] to be explained away ...

Words fail me. It's something akin to condemning Eugene Debs for his insufficient appreciation of the government's handling of the Pullman Strike.

Well, Sammie WAS going to actually read something -- anything -- by Noam, but that just happened to be the day she was scheduled to get those marvelous implants.

Do you think Prof Power (truth in advertising at last!) requires her Hovered Un-Iversity students to read the books to get the grades that unlock the State Dept or the brokerage doors? If so, those aspiring Know Nothings have clear and convincing case-law for trouncing her in the Dean's Court.

D-pluses all around!


No implants evident in that picture. No need to be sexist, either.


Anent the implants, I don't feel quite certain -- but considering the general maigritude overall, the relative bounty up top has a somewhat suspicious character.

More important, of course, is the question whether this is a "sexist" thing to be writing about.

I think we have a pretty good record on this score here at SMBIVA. We've had a lot more to say about John Edwards' hair, f'rinstance, than we've ever said about anybody's decolletage.

My own theory about this stuff is the Martin Marprelate/Smectymnuus approach -- anything you can find to make fun of about your enemies is fair game.


Looks bad when the first thing one comments on re: an imperialist stooge is her tits.


Looks bad when the first thing one comments on re: an imperialist stooge is her tits

who did that ???


Michael Dawson, unless I'm missing something. I'm just not into hitting below the neckline. But no one wants to hear it, so I'll shut up now.

Sexist? Looking at that get-up, I'd say Dr. Power herself is either unconcerned with that problem, or (more likely) simply feels herself to be above its reach.

Seen any snaps of Chomsky in a thong?


and he's packin

I'm seeing the beginnings of osteoporosis in the photo, and a lingering case of imperialism in the ruminations.

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