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What HAVE they been smoking?

By Michael J. Smith on Tuesday February 5, 2008 03:19 PM

I may have to re-think my belief in the innocuousness of cannabis sativa:
Grateful Dead and Deadheads reunite for Obama

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Saying Barack Obama embodies political hope absent since Robert Kennedy was slain 40 years ago, three surviving members of the Grateful Dead rock band reunited on Monday for the first time in four years to back the presidential candidate.

"Every few generations a guy like this comes along," drummer Mickey Hart [said].

Thank God it's not any more often than that. Somebody really needs to do a major debunking of the Kennedy myth. It's amazing what a cognition-stopper it is.

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I got this news through a Faux News link a friend of mine emailed me and, before this goes any further, let me just jump in here and say, personally, as a long-time Deadhead that:

1. The Dead never, ever, ever "officially" endorsed any political candidate or organization that I can recall while Garcia was alive. Bobby Weir has had a tendency to shoot his mouth off for Al Gore from time to time -- he and Rob Wasserman did an acoustic set on the Mall at Bubba's first Inaugural in '93*, but it was under their names, not as part of the Dead. I'm not surprised that it's Mickey Hart piping up here; he's been inexplicably insisting on talking up the Democraps for years.

2. Deadheads are definitely not a single monolithic herd. "We" range from Libertarians to Pagans to Rainbow Family to socialists to anarchists. I'm sure a small segment of Pwogwessive Democwat types will drop everything to hop aboard the Obombirana Bandwagon, though, because of this, but most of "us" don't slavishly follow politicians, that I know of.

*and a damn' fine set it was, too; got some really excellent bootleg tape of it. The Clintonoids may have been a bunch of power-hungry bastards who couldn't govern for shit, but they sure knew how to pitch a party.


You know it's a really funny coincidence all these comparisons of Obama to the kennedies - whether it be J.F. or Bobby - and the recent expose in the NYT about how Obama has been bought by nuclear companies operating in his homestate. It really brings to mind that Simpsons episode when Burns is caught by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission being in violation of hundreds of safety codes (the Homer Goes to College episode). Anyway, the scene I'm thinking of goes something like this:

Burns: Oh, very well, it's time for your bribe. Now, you can either have the washer and dryer where the lovely Smithers is standing, or you can trade it all in for what's in this box.

Inspector 1: I'll take what's in the box! The box!

Inspector 2: This is serious Burns. You can't make the problem go away just by throwing money at it.

At that point, Mayor Quimby (a character based on the Kennedies obviously) walks by in a fur coat labeled "$5000" says:
"Gentlemen, I have decided there will be, uh, no investigation. Now if you will excuse me, I'll go away."

Actually, something else I've just thought of, what with all this brouhaha about the big endorsement of Sen. Obombirana by Sen. Ted "Cousteau" Kennedy, and these comparisons of Obombirana to Bobby Kennedy -- remember back in the ancient times, early in the last century, when campaigning politicians would do foto ops at Indian reservations where they're made Honorary Chiefs, and have their pictures taken wearing that big-assed ceremonial headdress?

Well, I think that's what's happening with Obombirana: he's been made an Honorary Kennedy.


Do I sense a cartoon in utero?


"a major debunking of the Kennedy myth"

i submit "they " are
a hollow reference point
for certain system players

at best
charm-heads dangling from
the faith hope and charity bracelet

faith in the process
hope for the future
and most of all
charity toward thine whitey betters
if not the corporate lizards themselves
their diligent
merit class identity guides
and other such
self naveled
figure eight pilot fish


if anything this still born annointment
by the stained glass liberal's
clan of icons
may provoke a notice by the media

" hey america has passed
that string of glamourous road kills
with out maybe we press fiends
noticing it

up or down
the kennedy thang is soooo over
so errr dark side of the moon high 70's ...

from that deep water moment of ted's
thru the take down carter rope a dope
to what ....
arnolds ghoulish glam-whore
now meet the ski tree
mr date rape
at the eye of the whipped cream
the i wanna be your teddy bear gig aged
like a ring of blue cheese

okay so there was that john john thread
heart throb of the trailer crones

ya it had a run up side
lady di
and what ..the I-5 big foot ???

leave it to clio
the last flame of a celeb pol family
reveals the whole crews essence

vacuous fashion plates

not that jj's
inner hemingway
risk run of an end
with its collateral damage
wasn't one last maudlin glory moment
for the old honey fitz
grab a spot lite touch


yes the honey bearak
deserves a kennedy war bonnet floowwwg

he too is just a medicine dancer
covered in glam-pol horse feathers

then again
behold his lean and hungry looks
behind that sugar freak smile

spell inner morbidity ???

let us pray so

we oughta like that in a pol

Scratch a hippie, find a _____.

a. Republican
b. Democrat
c. both
d. what's the diff
e. all of the above

Correct answer = a, b, c, d, or e

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