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Backwash of the unwashed

By Owen Paine on Thursday March 20, 2008 02:56 PM

The ever playful Bat Delacourte got me to tingling with his lithesome caption in search of a picture: "a hyperactive egghead making up rules in smirking bad faith."

Now, here's the picture:

It's Harvard's own Greg Mankiw, of course.

I love this guy. He's pure imp, all the way down to his corn-yellow toenails.

If his much-overrun blog site could but issue him a single blowback blast -- hit him with all the furry den-like contexts hunched over his latest posting out there on the other sides -- the countless far sides of his screen linkers -- I bet the clever twit would lose that smug grin. He'd reek of ten thousand stale armpits and... and... and suffer a vicious spattering of dried snot flecks.

But alas we are left to only imagine the random tics and off-gassings of his crossmarching orc-nerd army, as it feasts its zillion slimy eyes on his presto-chango venality.

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Why hate Orwell?

Death springs eternal: "It is now the time of year when the next generation of economists is deciding where to attend graduate school."


actually its wrong to hate orwell
i'll stop right this minute


It was an honest question; I really don't know.


I was actually trying to ask you why.


and a good question
which i answered shortly but sincerely
his living legacy is beyond important

i had just re-read his essay on
style in political writing
prompted by some fatuity of paul krugman's
and his maxims
annoyed me and my octopus

"george ?? ...i suspect
he was aweful hard
to live with
but not hard to admire ... err i guess "

Bat Delacourte:

Imagine having drinks with a man who knows your every flaw, the provenance of them and what the outcome of them will be -- forever.


Re Orwell: There's actually some stuff there to like. OP doesn't like him, because at the conjuncture when Orwell was writing his best-known stuff, he was effectively weighing in on the wrong side. And OP and I are both great ones for taking sides. But fifty years on, or sixty or whatever it is, 1984 and Animal Farm seem less reminiscent of the USSR and more of the world in which we all currently live.

Also, Orwell had *very* good stuff to say about Dickens and Kipling -- of all people!

And Spain! Orwell nailed that one. POUM, and the whole Spanish Republic, was fucked by Stalin, as Orwell knew first-hand. Uncle Joe preferred Franco to a left he couldn't control.

sally paine:

"fucked by Stalin"

hmmm not sure i'd like that


a left he couldn't control

i'm not sure i'd like a left i couldn't control

that is
me and my blood bro

jeremiah wrighteous
couldn't control

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