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Don't tase me, Ma

By Owen Paine on Saturday March 22, 2008 12:12 PM

Is it just too late or can Ma Scorpion still destroy the Democratic Party we've known and cherished these last 28 years?

Bill Richardson, duke of the Chicano people seems to think not. Let's hope he's wrong.

I suspect her best chance is still what it was before Jeremiah -- keep up the 24/7 race ragging, and poll his ass off till the numbers start to show he's just plain 'unelectable'. Then step back, shake the old albino coconut, and blame his fall from grace on the bone-deep 'race hate' of Mr and Mrs Threewide. Hey, what can ya say -- the people have spoken.

And presto, the party goes to pieces.

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Al Schumann:

People have been selling her short. But she has the audacity of hope too, with prayer breakfasts.

I don't see her having much chance to wreck the party, though. She'd have to shit the punchbowl worse than Bush and she needs office to do that. For her campaign, she's playing her hand well. Her partisans like things mean and brutal. They want to suckle their rage as much as any right wing nut. She gives them a spite vote in ways Kerry, Gore and Obama never could. The Obamaniacs are gluttons for punishment. If she claws her way to the top, they'll be happy to fall into line and suckle their sense of tragic victimhood.

It's alright, ma;
I'm only dying

It's alright, ma;
I'm only dying


faith of our fathers

"she(ma S )... relied on the "extended faith family" that came to her aid(post potus bj)"

"people whom I knew who were literally praying for me in prayer chains, who were prayer warriors for me."


"I don't see her having much chance to wreck the party"
i think ...respectfully ... the party might split at its seemed over
a st hill crusade
that ally stomps the OHH-bama boy

pwogs and blacks might rally to a third way

just hopin and dreamin and wishin

Al Schumann:

I'm still a little bit puzzled by the lack of a split over the way the Deaniacs and the Dean campaign were treated. Accusations of treasonous intent and every dirty trick short of an HQ break-in drove them smartly into the arms of... the people who did it to them. Kerry then did his level best to throw the election. I don't like the conclusion all that much. It's terribly misanthropic, but it seems to me that pwogs like being abused and disappointed. Obama is a feast for them in that regard. If Mother Clinton gets her claws into the nomination, he adds a sense of tragedy: NeoCamelot denied! But goo-goo triumphant. The world will weep with them, as they weep for themselves.

I have some morbid interest in how they'd excuse Goolsbeenomics, his flavor of Romneycare and the right wing nut "realist" interventionists he plans to appoint to his cabinet. Probably by ignoring them and talking about the blow against racism.


"it seems to me that pwogs like being abused and disappointed. "

indeed but here's the wrinkle

unlike the "i have a scream " dean
short sheeting
black folk iz likely to be
in an up roar this time

pwogs over the last 40- 50 years
have shown a tendency
to follow black folk almost anywhere

maybe this time
it might even be
out the left side of the people's party

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