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SUCH a puzzle

By Owen Paine on Sunday March 23, 2008 02:33 PM

Apropos coils of empire, this comes up in a fairly tepid, balanced civil-society perspective, by one Laura Carlsen, on recent developments in the noble FARC's grapple with uncle's death squad-nuanced "plan Colombia." Recalling the aftermath of the cross border double cross, Carlsen notes:
Inexplicably ignoring international law, neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton condemned the Colombian government's attack in a neighboring country. Clinton went so far as to scold Ecuador and Venezuela for "criticizing Colombia's actions in combating terrorist groups in the border region" and called for more pressure on Venezuela "to change course."
"Inexplicably"? Is this irony?

Ahhh, jackass Orthrians unite -- we have a global hegemon to figleaf -- but only till we get the White House back! Then watch us really feel the south world's pain.

The grizzled smiler in the middle of this scrum was the jefe smart-bombed by Uncle's proxied X double X.

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