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The Oh shit! moment

By Owen Paine on Friday March 7, 2008 09:10 PM

I'm hardly the first to note this, but New York Fed chair Timothy Geithner -- a geeter with a hand directly on the heater, so to speak -- just shit his pants in public.

Telltale smelly excerpt:

"The U.S. economic and financial system is undergoing a very challenging period of adjustment and we are likely to be living with a high degree of uncertainty for some period of time about the ultimate magnitude and duration of the slowdown underway"
A very challenging period of adjustment -- that's as close as a central banker gets to "fire in the hole!"

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Chairman of the NY Fed?

Jeezus, this guy looks like he's about thirteen years old. Did he get a note from his homeroom teacher so he could get out of class to give that speech?

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