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Vintage Krug

By Michael J. Smith on Friday March 7, 2008 06:43 PM

Paul Krugman has been on this for months now.

Like Horton, Paul hears a Who -- a who of a difference, that is, between the identity twins, and it's right there on his beat: economic policy.

Paul thinks Ma Scorpion "has a clear plan for the country's problems," and Obie don't have but sweet swamp gas.

And who on the lunch-pail front has the real feel? Not Obama: according to Paul, his "attempt to win over workers by portraying himself as a fierce critic of Nafta looked, and was, deeply insincere."

Paul sees the Michigan/Florida revote as the solution to any sour-loser fallout. To me, it's simple: if Obama gets iced -- in the political, not the literal sense, of course -- some of his folks might actually bolt; while Hill's millions will, after a quick mind-douche, slither, every man- and woman-jack of 'em, right back under the tent.

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"A clear plan for the country's problems."
Okay, Mr. Prof., a clear plan for the country's problems.
the country's

And she has it, or one, and Prof. Hassenpfeffer
sees it. And I don't. See the plan, The clear, or the clean, plan. I don't see it, massuh. So why are we talking about such bird chirpings from the intelligentsia, the autistic ones who grade on a soft curve? I cannot keep up with the latest ingredients list on my "Simply Asia" soy ginger noodles, and now I'm supposed to trust that he, she have a "clear plan?" I don't even a clear plan on how to wipe my ass.


mjosef --

Most of us, presumably, wipe our ass much the same way from one day to the next, and that too is the essence of Hillary's plan: more of the same. The executions will continue until morale improves.

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