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The Samson option

By Michael J. Smith on Monday March 31, 2008 08:58 PM

The Note observes,

... there's a fair chance [Hillary] will have to destroy the Democratic Party in her quest to save it. At this critical juncture, Clinton is choosing confrontation over conciliation.
I didn't think there was anything that could give me a warm feeling about Hillary, but this notion did the trick. Maybe she'll go out in a blaze of glory and pull the whole sorry structure down around her ears.

Unlike the old Philistines, the Democratic Party Philistines will mostly survive the cataclysm. I delight to imagine them walking dazed into the sunlight, covered with plaster dust and scraps of musty bunting, seeking a new Dagon to venerate.

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some are so suited to their role

ma scorpion would do it ..
hell just for the feel of it
the feel of
drilling her stinger thru oby's back

nothing ...nothing could top
the mad jacobean brutality
of the fifth act of that drama

a staggered paled
flour faced obama
more honest abe esque
then ever
his party behind him in rubble
his words mocked
by gop planted
ebonic bally hooh-ers

him more despised by white yahooery
then h rap brown at his peak
and in a noble lay on macduff finale
taking a vicious sadistic
who's yer pappy
patronizing white tornado
land slide beating
captin' hanoi john
the zip bomber and great great grand son
of an ole miss
major slave holder
"to think further on it lads
johnny himself bein'
a past president
of the alfalfa club "

i'll drink to that

tim d:

ha. this is the first time ever that i'm able to agree with the old saying "we had to destroy it, to save it." or as hillary would say "it takes (out) a village"

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