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So what else is new?

By Owen Paine on Saturday September 6, 2008 12:37 PM

The two conventions roll past me like BFI trucks. I hold my nose. An all too familiar stink betrays the freshness of their missions.

I ask myself, how long, oh Lord, how long can the little folks stifle their outcry over all this majestic wet rot? What part of 30 years of going nowhere don't we geefs and geefettes understand? Just take a look at this latest "lame duck" job-class report card, drawn up by the perenially indignant double-dome strivers down there at the beltway's "for the greater googoo" policy institute.

No, on second thought, don't read it. You'll just be told what you already know. But for a few twists, any one of us could have written it umpteen times in the last few decades.

The gist: the vast middle reaches of the American wage class are taking the slow boat to shitsville. There's some interest in a few details -- for example, for months now our corporate tower trolls have seen fit to compact more small-potato opportunities then they've creating. And no, we haven't been in a jobs recession or for that matter gone through a full economic cycle and ended up worse off than before it started. Gotta go back pre-dustbowl to top that stat.

So us poor buggers aren't marching on Washington or up late nights burning silk hatters in their pajamas.

Look at it this way: thirty years of class war takes its toll -- at least on the losers, and their confidence in themselves.

I've been goin' down so long now, junior -- it's startin' to feel like I ain't exactly destiny's child....

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Son of Uncle Sam:

Hard not to agree, the only problem is in a war you get to fight back. It's been more like a thirty year trip on a train bound for the Gulag, and every morning when you wake up a different body part is missing.
At least dust bowlers had the full swing of the pendelum, instead of a never ending free fall awaiting inevitable impact.

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