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More dribble from Codepink...

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday November 5, 2008 08:19 AM

... passed along by Mike Flugennock, our resident Codepink monitor:
CODEPINK: Women for Peace

November 5, 2008

Dear Friend,

"Today we become the nation we dream of being, a place where everyone can rise to the level of their true worth, with no false barriers. Today truth triumphs over lies, hope over fear. Today we become the people who can do the great things that are needed to restore health and balance and abundance for all. Today we take the dream and make it real." --Starhawk

An Obama victory is a victory for the peace movement. It sends a message to the political establishment that being against war is the winning position. War is SO Over.

War is so over, huh? Wanna bet?

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"war is SO over "

code pink's
spook cut out speak
makes disinformation smell
like rabbit piss

Jeezus Christ on a Segway.

I thought I'd gotten used to Code Pink's smarminess, so I sort of skimmed through this steaming heap to see if it warranted passing on to Stop Me as I was getting a bit bleary; reading it through again on the strength of a mid-morning nap, though, it totally pegged the needle on my internal Smarmometer™.

Once again, I'm reminded of how the pancake feels when you pour on the Mrs. Butterworth's, and once again -- though I'm a not-at-all-violent guy -- I feel the urge to do the five-minutes' walk to the Code Pink house here on Capitol Hill, kick the door down and smack the shit out of them all, just line 'em all up and slap 'em with one grand swipe of my arm, like the Three Stooges.

Lajany Otum:

I'm full of faith and hope, faith in the great universal sucker, and hope that he's coming my way -- Harry Lime


"War is SO over"?

OMG the Iraq War is SO 2003!

Has Obama's victory addled their brains to the point that they've mentally regressed to high school?

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