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Obie to labor: See you in 2012

By Michael J. Smith on Friday November 7, 2008 07:18 AM

From the Wall Street Journal:

Next Administration Shows Signs It Will Seek Middle Ground With Business on Thorny Issues

WASHINGTON -- The weak economy, congressional races that empowered moderates and President-elect Barack Obama's choice of business-friendly advisers suggest Democrats will go slow on controversial labor and regulatory issues.

A bill that would make it easier for unions to organize workers, efforts to regulate greenhouse-gas emissions, and a slew of contemplated taxes will likely take a back seat....

Later this month, Congress is expected to start crafting an economic-stimulus bill.... Some Democrats say the bill could include incentives for alternative-energy initiatives. But anything more controversial -- such as a provision allowing bankruptcy judges to lower mortgage payments for homeowners -- likely won't be included.

That proposal and measures making it easier for people facing bankruptcy to gain protection from creditors are favored by many Democrats, including Mr. Obama. But such proposals could be difficult to pass in their current form without a protracted fight that could tarnish the new administration.

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I love how abject surrender to the will of these “captains of industry” is portrayed as finding a “middle ground” with business. I shudder to think of what it would take for the WSJ to say one was fully on the side of the business interests.

Out here in San Francisco, Pelosi and Feinstein waited till yesterday to tell us hope is over. Paraphrasing the SF Chronicle article, promises made by Democrats during the campaign are DOA.

Peter Ward:

New dope, still depressed...

Although ostensibly a piss-take, the Onion post-election piece was probably closest to the truth one could find --



rahm has a nice tan
but pink slips are showing every where these days
'the barry '
may call on
best and brightest
but ...alas ...only to tag along
on a progress toward regress

imagne this:
mimi me
as me too peacenik

Clio's urgent tasks
will lead
His most gracious brun-highness
else where

and certainly not ...
not ...not
further into
the sand traps
and dry gultches
of empire

uncle's in the refurbishing biz
.......for a couple of election cycles


"abject surrender" ...
to the “captains of industry”????


the bottom will not hold
for more of the same
not this time mate

the once mere captains of production
are now generalissimos of highest finance
and still
the bottom will not hold
for more of this

commanding tides can be frustrating work

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