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Lower your expectations

By Al Schumann on Saturday March 7, 2009 02:12 PM

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had an embarrassing moment when she presented a gift to Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov that was intended to display the Russian word for "reset" -- a reference to Vice President Joe Biden's statement that the U.S. wants to reset relations with Russia.

The gift read "peregruzka."

Mrs. Clinton said, "We worked hard to get the right Russian word. Do you think we got it?"

The Russian diplomat answered nyet. Peregruzka means "overcharged," he explained.

"Reset" is "perezagruzka." U.S. officials said they would fix the gift.

Wall Street Journal

In other light-hearted gaffes, it turns out Tom Geithner is too much of a delusional, oligarch-coddling hack for James Baker. I'm beginning to wonder what, outside some grim technocratic effort to horrify the bourgeoisie, inspired Geithner's appointment. Baker, one of the better fixers in the Republican stable, is fairly delicate about it. He's accustomed to speaking in ways that soothe the temper tantrums and fears of arrogant, hyperactive merit babies. But his admonition to take at least a measure of reality into account is unmistakable.

I think Obama is headed for a one term wonder presidency. That may even come as a relief to the more priggish pwogs. They can get back to feeling ill-used by the "Vichy" Democrats, continue their feckless ridicule of right wing celebrities and congratulate each other on achieving new milestones in continence.

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"One term presidency" -- very prescient, Al!

I think, though, he's there not to enact sensibile policies, but to put a good face on what was always going to be done, anyway.

So, who knows, it could be a four term presidency!

Al Schumann:

You may be right, but I do get the sense that 'what was always going to be done, anyway' -- great phrasing, BTW -- has reached the point where it's beginning to get very unnerving for the older rentier capitalists and hegemonic realists.


"he's there not to enact sensibile policies, but to put a good face on what was always going to be done, anyway"

some one needs to warn him...

hunger salves get puked up

he's a prisoner of
the system that be

his ambitions
required him to make
it's harrows his own

Those Kids Today:

Obama is having the good fortune of getting the recession out of the way at the beginning of his first term.

If American capitalism is fucked up to the point where there's no turning of the business cycle by 2011, I think the man might have something a little more harsh than just another Republican.

Al and I might even get to be roomies in the Fema Camp. Don't even think of stealing my toothpaste.

By the way, Nader's been bashing right wing celebrities too on his blog.

"It is way past due for the super-rich capitalist--Rush Limbaugh from Cape Girardeau, Missouri--to get himself off big time welfare. It is way past due for Rush Limbaugh as the Kingboy of corporatist radio to set a capitalist example for his peers and pay rent to the American people for the very lucrative use of their property."

So, if Barack Obama's destined to be a political one-hit wonder, what band do you think he'd resemble most?

My money's on The Average White Band.

Pick up the pieces, alright!
Pick up the pieces, alright!

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