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The ethnomethodological interventions of the Trollblog

By Al Schumann on Saturday March 7, 2009 02:43 PM

These are good people, with a good program for fighting the good fight. They've taken on the heavy burden of helping decent folks overcome the self-serving, self-satisfied efficacy fetishism of the neoliberals.

I can't contain my warm regard for the Trollblog. It's useless to even try. They're afflicting the comfortable and they've chosen, as their victims, the least sympathetic hacks in the world.

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I would like to thank Al S. for bringing Trollblog to our attention.

Al Schumann:

I felt something close to religious ecstasy when I found the Trollblog. The immense charity of their works has a touch of the divine to it. Their victims may feel ill-used, but I think they should try to see the interventions in a positive light. Everyone else does.


emerson ???

trolling the delong helium works ???

quellllle nom de ambush ???

waldo ???


"The damage was foreseeable and, in fact, foreseen. In 1998, before Li had even invented his copula function, Paul Wilmott wrote that “the correlations between financial quantities are notoriously unstable.” Wilmott, a quantitative-finance consultant and lecturer, argued that no theory should be built on such unpredictable parameters. And he wasn’t alone. During the boom years, everybody could reel off reasons why the Gaussian copula function wasn’t perfect. Li’s approach made no allowance for unpredictability."

okay set up quote..but analysis

"From this and other scattered things I’ve read, this sounds like a fatal organizational problem, ascribable to managerial bad judgment culpably motivated by greed and toxic optimism."

wrong !!!!
this was pure perpetual motion patenting claims
as old as bubblenomics itself
simple looting
straight from the 18th century
book of culls

carrying gulls are to be culled


What does Trollblog actually do, that isn't done on this blog? Does he actually drive out to Limbaugh's house and throw trash on the flowerbeds?

Is it time to start a union of unemployed grad students?

Al Schumann:

He's not after Limbaugh, for whom trash on the flowerbeds would be appropriate, though redundant. He's taking away the time that academic economists and philosophers would, in other circumstances, dedicate to their true calling: the destruction of livelihoods and the ability to think.

He's helping them become good people by attempting to destroy their business model. It may seem superfluous, as they're perfectly capable of destroying everything in sight, without assistance, without provocation, but I am convinced the gods smile on his endeavor. He's monkeywrenching them with their own tools.

Is it time to start a union of unemployed grad students?

Owen and I have discussed that very issue. We settled for rustication and the gulag, before there can be any talk of a union.

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