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Hillarycare, Part Deux

By Michael J. Smith on Friday June 19, 2009 12:11 AM

Deja vu, all over again:
Senate Dems pare back health bill

WASHINGTON – Key Senate Democrats, bidding for bipartisan support on health care, pared back subsidies designed to make insurance more affordable on Thursday and floated a compromise that rules out direct government competition against private insurers.

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Marvelous. We're right back in the early 90s. Let's bomb Kosovo just for old times sake.


Michael: any comment on the article on Dennis Ross in the NYT today? It talks about his move to the WH as a career "upgrade", and somehow links it with Obama's recent "harder line" on settlements.


Recall u pin pointed max B as a
A key evil center aisle ballcarrier way back as control on the hill past to the people's decent alterrnative party


Co -ops

Recall the mankiw card trick ?
Well here it is as center aisle panacea

I must confess if the fuckers baucus and conrad
Off ths great plains jack ass of a grift

I'll turn blue balls democrat myself

Hell why not?

As the guy said over his dixie cup at jonestown

Peter Ward:

In other words, they chosen to subsidize the the insurance industry rather than health care--at least they're socialists after all.

Anyway, the theft couldn't be more blatant than if these guys broke into one's house at night. Why the hell do we keep putting up with it? There isn't even any real risk in demanding change that I can see (those with a vested interested in the "private" extortion apparatus we call a health care system are a minority).

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