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Proxy blogging for Owen

By Al Schumann on Wednesday August 26, 2009 06:21 PM

Childgrinder edition...


just tried to read a three parter over at counter punch on the plot to blow our dear public school system to non lucretian atoms ie into an unending dickensian walpurgisnacht of sundry charter school conspiracies and
that not being enough a trunk full of our Abaddon of pettyfogged pedagogy
' no child left unground '...... yikes! oh the horror the horror woven into these dull tales !!!!

the triptych is by one danny weil ..."soon to publish "Charter Schools", dissecting neo-liberalism's plan for reforming education in America"

yes friends the perils of loco foco pub ed make the pending spike of the fed pub op look like a mercy killing




and yet what a bore's brunch this rad headed leaguer can make out of fre form expose
hey no holds bared here mate its counter punch not the sunday times ...ahh well u go ahead and read them all three
and come back and comment ...its proving a little too much grimola for me

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Michael Hureaux:

I've been following this series and it looks like well documented stuff, which can't hurt. It's a haul to read through, but Weil and cats like Wayne Au are doing the tougher tasks that it will take to build a compehensive struggle against this mess, and I say bless them. I don't have the patience for it anymore so I'm glad somebody does.

Son of Uncle Sam:

The idea of no child left behind is great if you're an army ranger repeating the line of the creed "Never shall I leave a fallen comrade...(go ahead google the ranger creed and scroll down to N)" Charter barter town... isn't this why they have GED's. You pass a test and go to college or work, sure its a junior college, but as one of my favorite comedic movie scenes on entry level work in the real world explained by Louie Andersen goes," Hey I started on clean up just like you guys,... but now I'm washing lettuce....before you know it I'll be on fries....a couple years down the road I'll be assistant Manager and that's were the big bucks start rolling in!"


Okay, I took up the challenge -
Well, no, I didn't. I skim read two of three in other forums, sent in a comment to basically cheer on the earnest would-be critic, but I get your drift. A "bore's brunch," "grimola," "no hold bared (sic?)" I get, but some of the other references I am not too clued in on - spike in whatzit? Who is doing the "pettifogged pedagogy"? What about the empire's Sunday Times?

But you wanted comment. I'd say the hell with charter schools, the hell with higher education, the hell with vaguely attacking comments sections, and enough with the earnest, referenced dull recitation of entrenched societal ills. In this Back to School moment, with dumb wars and atrocious political entropy abetting our history of bullshit and genocide, we need a good laugh and some nice, down-home picnic nihilism. Turn around, tune over, and drop off.

I prefer the Harper's Index approach to this topic.

Chance that a charter school, in a Stanford study, outperformed comparable traditional public schools in math: 1 in 6

Chance that it lagged comparable public schools: 1 in 3.

Nuff said.


"down-home picnic nihilism."

picnic type nihilism??
sounds great boo boo

"Turn around, tune over, and drop off"

sounds like to video tapa commands and one case of image degredation

bared was a typo version
of bar-ed

fre ???

typoese for free
give or take a few hetrographic escapades
that oughta right the foul ball's course


the pettyfoggery
are the satellites acolytes
of the acid tests of abaddon
ie no child left behind

nounish contractions around spike

pub ed =public education

pub op = public health plan option

ornate over figured and raw coo coo ish
i need to become a sullen laconic ...nihilist
eh ???


Remember, OP, there's no such thing as a nihilist.
I truly thought the "fed pub op" was some new draconian Ed Meese-like "Fed(eral Government) Pub (lishing) Op (eration, perhaps), that was going to linit educational studies or something along that ridiculous line, so I am glad you set me straight.
Anybody know where this here 13 trillion has gone? I understand I am bound by state law to declare the amount of taxes I saved by buying in a non-tax state, so I wonder how precise I am supposed to be, living in a land where 13 trillion just suddenly appeared, and disappeared, without a trace or audit.
I am having trouble keeping up.

That's how it starts. Murder doesn't seem like a big deal, but then you end up lying, voting in elections, things like that.
--The Club Dumas by Arturo Perez-Reverte

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