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The mooching, freeloading, parasitic Associated Press

By Al Schumann on Friday August 28, 2009 05:34 PM

Charles Davis caught them, and makes a number of reasonable observations.

The socialist solution to the free rider problem, in that area, is relatively simple. Our access fees for using the internet, a utility developed at public expense, are outrageous. A substantial portion of the fees we pay are currently being spent by organizations that dedicate the money to rent-seeking and working against our interests. I think we'd be much better off if this misused money was, instead, paid out in royalties to the writers and other creative types whose work makes keeping access to the internet worthwhile.

The details would take some effort to hash out, but I think the justice of it is pretty clear. Those of us who do this for the love of it would not be harmed. Those who make a living with their writing would be able to devote more time and resources to their work. The money currently spent on rent-seeking and abuse of state power would clearly be better used if placed in the hands of people who perform valuable labor.

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Al Schumann:

There's a small, personal irony to be cherished. Many, possibly most of the writers I like would feel morally obliged to refuse compensation, which makes me like them all the more.

Ownership of knowledge http://tbarj.wordpress.com/2008/09/11/ownership-of-knowledge/ is an interesting topic; access to knowledge and the right to communicate are closely related.


lovely post brother Al
every dang crimped line of it

u never fall
into hip pecksniffian back hands
like this by chucky davis :

"maybe they can begin to shift their focus to building a business model appropriate for the 21st century."

appropriate !!!

legal fiction as floor planks
for a digital biz model
touche wire oxen

even after the blood bubbling next
class gasp revolution
the scattering of soul bursting
kulack orwellophiles and plain orwelloids
will metastasize as usual

deficating their
righteous type hu cap/ biz model
toxins within
the prole-con
leviathan totality

and call it liquid conscience

dissident tumors of self righteous anguish anger and anomie
will bloom ..ackh

and ....global counter revolution
will find its humanist
pox sacks
to usefully
idiot for em

Al Schumann:

That's not hip pecksniffian harrumphery, Owen! I've been reading Davis for a while. He plays it straight and dry, and is dishing them a generous, galling ladle full of the same medicine they've prescribed for others.


i'll withdraw my comment
if he removes his orwell quote

Al Schumann:

I hate to make threats, but I will sing the traditional songs of my people until you withdraw your comment. I don't say this lightly, Owen. The misery that results will be your fault. If you can live that on your conscience...


consider the comment withdrawn
oh great chief thunder thud

and i add remorse
why must i always
piss on the primroses
like tumorish sway backed old beagle

no doubt
the act of a shrunken dim
far from corruscating spirit

Peter Ward:

I think the internet should be socialized and free, in the sense roads are free. Whether creatives should be subsidized is another matter. Rather, I think reducing the amount we work so we can all "explore our creative potential" would be a better alternative than creating a new, privileged class.


"I think reducing the amount we work so we can all "explore our creative potential""

of course you mean assigned job work hours
right ???

exploring our creative potential
is brutal work
not a lark
despite kindergarten teachers benign notions

"I think the internet should be socialized and free, in the sense roads are free.'
i agree totally
but gated sites and tolled down loads are the stores the road takes you to
not part of the road
if you mean free travel on the road to
know how
you'll need to redue a lot more then
just how we do down loads



chuck on human rights imperialist ..sort of

hiss immediate bomb site
matt igloo
is himself of course
something like a human rights plus
type of imperialist
he's just after
a figmentary angelic sovereignty

that even an obama white house
now obviously has traduced

i guess the question for matt becomes
has the dark knight
traduced "sacred values" enough
to rquire matt to engage
in toppling efforts
ie catalyze the electorate
to wild acts voting passion

or would this back fire
and elect
another cheney puppet ???
poor matt
its nice not to worry about the dimes worth of difference eh ??

chuck is lucid on the high road and ...
well solid on human rights fueled
though pecksniff left phrases
like his comment
on this iglloo block of ice "
“For the United States, which is conveniently located on the North American continent adjacent to two friendly and relatively weak countries, it’s going to be very hard for anything to meet a strict necessity test.”

to wit:

'As a serious member of the Washington punditocracy, this fact concerns Yglesias -- not because it eviscerates the moral case for the American empire and an obscenely bloated military budget..."

that there might set off delicate
sympto analysis warning signals like mine

after all its not bloated corrupt and crawling with "over runs" yes
but what isn't
the seiu staffing and compensation levels ??
harvard university ??
the museum of fine arts ??

check again

we all know
if you want global hegemony
it's budget isn't "bloated "

nor is it "bloated"
only if you want a few "a salvation army-red cross" type special ops outfit ready to rock
like marse JEff sent to the barbary coast

you need two to one force advantage over
any conceivable co alition
of your next greatest power rivals
to even have a human rights free hand
darfur interventions
precluded by a han veto ??
want that mister bleeding heart ...

the moral tinge offends my mundane guts
yes mr dzerzinsky chuck
remains "under investigation"

i can't give a free go anwhere write anything pass
to every sun bonnet and set of spiked heels
that might blandish past my flattened nose

If this means that Carlos Mencia gets a single dime, you can count me out.


Interesting thaBre. You are a ist littODY is going to havt y seem to bunch of fut societycking elitthink tha woulr off s who o would that be? Anyottitude adjustne but YOU, Iu are s a much-needed amenif we "didn't have to workoon to have so hard." But prely SOMEe to work to sumabpay you td be betteo write t am sule shitt.ohis kind of shit. So whfolks


i note with flash back pleasure
the comment immediately above this

not since the fall of 1970 has a text looked like that to me

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