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Annals of traffic-stopping

By Owen Paine on Thursday October 1, 2009 10:16 AM

If the embed doesn't work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOB1zOBr7IM

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And I just received my daily "AFT Activist Alert" email encouraging me to politely phone the Senate and politely repeat Zerobama's talking points.

What if the recent AFL-ack convention had decided that single payer was going to be its new and only demand? What if they were organizing such a sit-in at, say, the U.S. Senate?

Beyond the pale, I know, for the labor "movement" that can't seem to think of a way to raise its battered image...


"What if the recent AFL-ack convention had decided that single payer was going to be its new and only demand?"

this should have been "big "labor's unswerving
position all along the watch towers

when single payer was abandoned for pub op
pub op lost its appeal to middle forces
the battle ground shifted further "righter"

but hey de facto single payer is on the event horizon

single payer a la mode corporatiste
ie a cartel that supresses the health sectors cost climb

bending the curve is in
the justice league of corporate amerika's
"common " interest


uncle now has twice the arms sector and twice the health sector (per capita)
of any potential rival

my guess he can only keep this pace up
in the world arms race
if he puts
the future of the health sec
moderating cost controls of some sort

i expect to see
uncle draw america the sick
a good deal nearer
euro gdp health sec shares
over the next 15-20 years


i suspect we'll get some pub op plan
out of this Hill Hee Haw dance


op, where do you see the public option coming from? The people who advise uncle are often short-sighted.


pub op
is indeed an option plan
not for us but for the corporate lobby posse
believe it or not

if they allow the progs
their goodie
they in turn
get a tiny drain now
that they can kill or expand
recall the fear
down such a drain might go the pri sec insurers
and they will i reckon
if they refuse to tighten up
on the various medi costs fast and furious enough over the next ten years...

clean it up or else the scrap heep for u
pub op
is a kill option the corporates have a button to push ready to start the suck in

the burden of health care is already
too great on .......corporate america
right ??

uncle hedge has
to maintain and update their armada
long run
that prolly runs to 5 % plus of gdp

that's built in to hegemonics

but paying an extra 5 % of gdp
for roughly euro-equal healthcare ...at best
frankly --to the board room boys--
that plain...sucks


the necessary costs of maintaining
the requisit job herd
ought to be minimized
for the privately appropriated chunk
of the social surplus to be maximized

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