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Those were the days

By Owen Paine on Thursday October 1, 2009 11:29 AM

It's a little different now. Guess who may have to pay for corporate globalization's malfunction?

Right the first time: you.

Click for full-size graph.

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Damn, and the feckless say that cold stats don't tell the human story.


particle of good news among the gloom

"15,600 teachers didn't return to work in September"

then again it was probably the wrong 16k

Hot damn diggety! MORE GIRLS! Yeah! That's what I say!

But, seriously, folks... my mother-in-law worked at a Raytheon plant in South Jersey during WWII, when she wasn't busy rolling bandages. Looks like they had some awesome benefits, too. I especially like the idea of music while you worked all day. Granted, these days, the office drones would likely erupt in riots over what radio station to play in the office, but back in my mother-in-law's day, I'm sure most of the girls at Raytheon were digging on that "sweet swing": Glenn Miller, or the old Dorsey Band (featuring a savage young Sinatra).

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