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By Michael J. Smith on Saturday November 28, 2009 10:53 AM

Shown above, center, at some dreary bloggers' convention last year, is Eric Boehlert.

(Bloggers, by the way, shouldn't have conventions. In fact I'm afraid most of us aren't fit to be seen in public, as this photo sadly demonstrates. Blox et praeterea nihil, that should be our motto.)

Boehlert, who is at least the least schlubby of the three apparently and understandably narcoleptic thrift-shop pundits above, is the proprietor of a Democratic Party fansite called "media matters". The site is mostly about how angry Eric Boehlert gets when he watches Fox News -- which he seems to spend a lot of his time doing.

Now to my way of thinking, watching Fox News would be tedious enough in all conscience; but reading about Eric Boehlert watching Fox News is surely an alchemically sublimated quintessence of tedium.

Fortunately, we at SMBIVA have correspondents whose sense of duty is sterner than mine, and whose reading habits are less self-indulgent. One such correspondent passed along the following fume-o-rama from Boehlert:

Glenn Beck to use 9/11 anniversary to stage another Obama-hating rally

From Politico:

Beck’s 9.12 Project is co-sponsoring a march on Washington on Sept. 11, 2010 to voice unhappiness with the agenda of President Obama....
The idea of trying to politicize the 9/11 anniversary in such a naked way is shocking. But of course nothing actually shocks us any more about Beck's tasteless, Obama-hating campaign.... [I]f Beck's followers really follow through with their plan and use the hollowed anniversary of 9/11 and turn the tragic terrorist attacks of 2001 into a day for hurling hateful attacks against the President of the United States, will there be no outcry?
Our sharp-eyed correspondent writes:
Eric Boehlert 'hollows' 9/11 some more. I wonder if he slipped up a bit here and actually told the truth. With all the faux reverence for this event, I thought it was completely hollowed out already.

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The loud mouths make it clear what they're angry about. What what about *real* people?



that first comment reminds me of this


only this is a pwog probe droid not an imperial one


Here's what real people are concerned about:


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