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Sauce for the geese

By Michael J. Smith on Saturday November 28, 2009 12:03 PM

The Nation is fulminating against the filibuster:

Filibustering the Public

This is not what democracy looks like. When Americans vote, by overwhelming majorities, to place control of the executive and legislative branches in the hands of a party that has promised fundamental change, they are supposed to get that change. They are not supposed to watch as a handful of self-interested and special-interested senators prevent progress by exploiting the arcane rules of the less representative of our two legislative chambers--rules requiring that not a majority but a supermajority be attained in order even to discuss necessary reforms, and that a similar supermajority be in place to thwart a filibuster.

Yes, The Nation -- the same magazine that was calling on us all, just a few short years ago, to save the hoary and iniquitous institution:
Fight for the Filibuster

A vote to end debate on the nomination of extreme conservative Priscilla Owen to the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals is scheduled for Tuesday, May 24--the first strike in the so-called "nuclear option" to eliminate the use of the filibuster in judicial nominations. Now is the time to tell your senators that you oppose eliminating the filibuster.

I was quite tickled to see that back then, in 2005, Eric Boehlert, just recently mentioned here, was also a strong advocate for the Dixiecrats' favorite parliamentary maneuver:
The Top 10 filibuster falsehoods

With Senate debate on two of President Bush's most controversial judicial nominees beginning May 18, the heated rhetoric over the so-called "nuclear option" to ban Senate filibusters on judicial nominations has reached its boiling point. The rules of the Senate thus far remain intact, but filibuster opponents have pulled all rhetorical stops, advancing numerous falsehoods and distortions, and, as Media Matters for America documents below, the media have too often perpetuated that misinformation by unskeptically, and sometimes even deliberately, repeating it.

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Yes, the "less representative." LMFAO.


next time you climb the mountain to speak with our all mighty class goddess Clio
and come back
with a refreshed
SMBIVA lefty voter pledge

ask Her if She thinks
u oughta add a plank pledging
not to vote for any candidate
who will not pledge to end all super majority rules in congress once and for ever


"This is not what democracy looks like." The outrage, we must restore the situation to that of democratic February immediately.

Politicians using rhetoric to promote falsehoods--imagine that.

MMmmmmmm. Saaauuuuuucce. Yummy, white-wine gravy saaaauuuuuuuccce.

Uhh, sorry. Just finishing some leftovers tonight.

Seriously, though... The Nation? Well, duh. It's like they don't even give a rat's ass if the bill is worth a dog's hind leg or not, as long as the perps have a little (D) after their names, The Nation is behind 'em all the way.

Oh, and just where the hell do they get off stealing our fucking slogan? We'll show you "what democracy looks like", assholes. It happened ten years ago tomorrow night, but you apparently missed it.

Grrrrrrrrrrr. Burrrrrrnnn The Nation... must... burrrrrnnnn The Nation...

D'oh, damn. Sorry, gang; it seems I've left an italics tag hanging open... there. How's that?


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