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Principled Opposition In Motion

By Al Schumann on Thursday December 24, 2009 10:20 AM

Just kidding around. Senator Ben Nelson, that mean-spirited tar baby obstructionist, authoritarian misanthrope, diehard opponent of human rights and staunch defender of the capitalist faith etc. etc., got himself and better still his constituents one hell of a deal for his ObamaCare vote.

It wasn't clear whether Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had the support needed to move ahead with his chamber's health care bill until Sen. Ben Nelson, the last Democratic holdout, had a change of heart this weekend.

He agreed to support the bill in return for compromise language on federal funding for abortion and more money for his home state of Nebraska.

As a part of the deal, the federal government will pay 100 percent of Nebraska's tab indefinitely for expanding Medicaid for low-income Americans.

It's not socialized health care and there are plenty of problems with Medicaid, but the horrible old thug stumbled into doing something that in this context comes within spitting distance of a decent regard for humankind.

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Naw. This is just a prelude to Nelson's campaign to ship all of Nebraska's poor people to Kansas.


other states now get a three year uncle full pay on this vs minor exception
nebraska's eternity

obviously the uncle pays all plan
will be continued each year after that
like the alt min tax adjustments
why ?

because projects will systematically understate
future expenditures

as no final repel of alt min allows over stated future revenues

SOP elitest circumvention of regular guy fiscal deficit fetish

opacity vs transparency ??
like say the unaudited fomc transactions ??
its clearly all there
it's just fine print
easily missed when the msm
wants to miss it

Well, so long as we can confirm the exemption of females from "humankind." Ho hum.

If Hillary had been elected, she would have saved us!!11 Or so I read somewhere else. Yeah. Right after the monkeys all flew out of my-- oh, forget it. I'm going to see if I still have some vodka left in the freezer.

Al Schumann:

Incremental improvements, Ms. Xeno! Some things take a bit longer than the things that take less. Conditional, contingent recognition of some people's humanity is a big step forward for the government, which is an expression of the people's will -- as opposed to Cheney, who was evil. We can't let the parfait be the enemy of the fondue. We mustn't make the purity of essence defeat moral vanity, or else the stitch in time saves nine wingnuts for the Supreme Court.

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