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Some Pig

By Al Schumann on Sunday December 20, 2009 02:26 AM

The boar was spotted roaming a residential neighborhood about 8 a.m. and was finally corralled and sedated by animal control officers, who summoned state Department of Fish and Game officials.

"People don't understand how strong animals are. This one was amazing" said Mike McBride, an assistant chief in the department.

McBride said his agency was told by local authorities that the boar had chased people. The animal, described as dark with a long snout, also charged into a wrought-iron fence and damaged it, he said.

"This thing was a handful," he said. "You would not want to be in the direction of this charging pig."


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"Harvard unwound the swaps at possibly the worst moment in the history of financial markets"

hog wild crimson panic

a beauty to behold busting up the yahd

if the bastards had held steady
they'd be out of the white water by now

but god bless em
the fuckers PANICED
and took the absolute maximum hit

a life time gest

harvard mandarin financier team
ultra suave" insider"
goes rogue boar

trapped and beyond fright
in its scrambling heedless fury
to recovery it's dignity and freedom

and yet
fate be praised
lethal only to itself and fair harvard

Al Schumann:

Good old Larry retains his perfect record. He and his posse share their very special gifts without fear or favor; or even class solidarity when the opportunity is ripe. They make Bernie Madoff look like a neurotic piker.

"Run the government like a business."


i'm throwing this in just cause there's no where else to go

sugar Al loves gubbage

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