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Le mot juste

By Al Schumann on Thursday January 14, 2010 04:30 PM

The Corrente Wire bloggers sometimes link to us. They have coined some useful terms.

They call the scab liberals "Access Bloggers". I find that term very amusing. It's understated, it can be used when calling someone a scab would give everyone the vapors, and it's pointed right at the heart of the scab liberals' fatuous self-importance.

The access bloggers really believe that their accommodationism creates an implicit obligation. It will be honored because that's what social contracts are all about. It says so right there in the Cliff Notes. If the party of the first part, them, has sufficient merit mojo, which they do, then the party of the second part, Democrats, will cross seas and climb mountains to fulfill the commitments entailed by receipt of the support.

Needless to say, this has never happened and never will. The Corrente Wire bloggers call the belief that it will "Persistent Ponyism". The magic pony will arrive any day. All the scab liberals need to do is stand ready to sign for it.

When the magic pony fails to arrive on schedule, the access bloggers produce a hamster from the taxidermist's reject pile. When it refuses to gallop, they recite their merit bromides and Nader-bait the skeptics.

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I'm gonna get a pony LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Al Schumann:

Lambert, I am very sorry to tell you this. Deeply sorry. But... the pony has met with a terrible accident.


strether u dear jamesian creature

father s is at least hung like apony
as is i'm told super Al

me ??

i live among mice these days
so who cares

My pony is gonna be purple and fly through the air and I'm gonna call her Jennifer!

Al Schumann:

Owen, we all live amongst mice these days. And hamsters.

Smithee, I don't want to be a killjoy once again, but the pony you were promised has also met with a terrible accident.

Nuh-Uh! Obamadaddy said I was gonna get a pony and everything he says is always true because he can play 84th dimensional chess. It's true! I read it on DailyKo$!

Al Schumann:

One is reluctant to impugn such an authoritative source, but is it possible that someone slipped a little Ambien into their coffee before they access-blogged that claim?

Why does Al hate ponies?

Al Schumann:

Lambert, I am shocked that anyone would say such a thing! I have a mild allergy to them, that's all, and a few concerns about their conduct.

Just the other day, I was having coffee with my access-blogging friends and what should appear at our table but a pony. He promised me endless refills on my cup, a bigger cup to hold the refills, and a free danish. As I was sneezing, he knocked the coffee into my lap, whinnied mockingly, bit my shoulder quite hard ( I have a terrible bruise) and defecated on my foot. The access-blogging friends insisted that it didn't happen the way I recall and that, anyway, I had it coming. All well and good, but why did the pony head over to the banksters and give them the danish? In fact, they staggered out of the coffee shop with sack after sack of danishes. They had to have help to carry them all. Then they torched the shop.

Most disturbing, as if that wasn't enough, I could swear I saw some of the access-bloggers offering to carry the sacks. It was no comfort when the banksters' flunkies pulled off their pants and ridiculed them.

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