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Grading on the curve

By Owen Paine on Monday February 1, 2010 11:51 AM

Land sakes! Mark Engler, the Doogie Howser of the pwog empire-watch crowd, gives the Obama admin a "D" -- yes, a "D" -- for its "handling" of the Honduran coup.

A "D"! What the hell? They deserve a brass plaque somewhere inconspicuous in the Captive Nations Hall Of Shame. Mark hizzseff answers the uproar:

"Why not give Obama an “F”? Some progressives, disgusted by the White House response, may be tempted to contend that it reflects a Latin American foreign policy that is even worse than that of President George W. Bush’s.

This would be an error. The stances of Bush appointees such as former Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Otto Reich -- who lauded the coup as a necessary measure against the “expansion of Chavist authoritarianism” -- shows that the position of the last administration would likely have been far worse than that of the present one.

But the prospect that things could be even grimmer than they are now does not mean that the White House deserves passing marks for its efforts."

Amazing, eh? In Engler Academy, Obamanauts only get an F if they do worse than the Cheney gang. Who set those goal posts for ya, Mark? The Council on Foreign Relations? The Central Intelligence Agency?

Speaking of THE Company, dearest Mark figures the Hondo topple wasn't "a CIA black ops mission." I guess if it had been CIA, it woulda pulled a gentleman's "C".

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So, Dem-pologizing must make your eyebrows fall out...

Justice survives.

Jeezus H., it seems these goddamn' analysts and think-tankers are getting younger every day.

What is this guy -- like, fourteen years old or something? Cripes.

Reminds me of one time about ten, eleven years ago, when the Today show was doing some segment on the then-beginning '00 election cycle, and they brought on some "analyst" from an outfit called voter.com, who looked like she had to skip homeroom to do her interview on Today. I had to fight back laughter as I watched someone who looked like she couldn't have been more than nineteen attempting some kind of deep analysis of the field of contenders for their party nominations.

Or another instance from around '93, during the Somalian invasion, when the early local news on WRC (Washington DC NBC affiliate) brought on some no-name "analyst" from American University who looked like she was about twenty, as if Channel 4 News was so desperate for a talking head that they sent someone up to AU to bang on doors in the dorms in search of a PoliSci/Foreign Affairs major coherent enough at that hour to sit in front of a camera and talk about Somalia for three minutes.

George Stephanopoulos during Clinton-valhalla.

Smug, Haaaaah-vaaaaaaahd, and pedantic. Meritocracy, baby!

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